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Horse Jumper of Love

Written by Patrick McNamara

Horse Jumper of Love is a “slow rock" band from Boston. God, that's such a great band name.

Apparently not the kind of dudes to rest on their sick band name alone, Horse Jumper of Love (Jamie & Dimitri & Jöhn) also have some sick songs too. Sweet. Now I don't have to feel bad about liking a band just because of their name. Phew.

If you like old school indie rock (Pavement? Silver Jews? LVL UP? Wait, they're new school.) that really takes its time to get where it's going (but you're more than happy to hang in and listen for the long haul) you should definitely give Horse Jumper of Love (yes) a chance.

I also like the company this band keeps. Horse Jumper of Love (yessssss) has recently played shows with Pinegrove, Cende, Furnsss, Sioux Falls, Fraternal Twin and I've written nice things recently about all those good bands, that's why their names are linked like that. It's all part of the master plan.

You may now listen to Horse Jumper of Love's (SICK) s/t full-length debut album. But don't just blast it like an asshole. Listen easy. Listen slow. Grow with it. These things take our time and energies. We can't always be going 120 mph, you know.

In summation, this band's name is Horse Jumper of Love.


Published May 17, 2016



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