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Written by Patrick McNamara

New Jersey's Fraternal Twin is really the work of one man, Tom Christie (with help from his friends - no man is an island, after all). He makes (mostly) quiet bedroom pop songs that will gently lead you towards musical enlightenment. In other words, this is good shit.

Since forming in 2013, Fraternal Twin has put out three releases of fine quality. Might I be so bold as to suggest you start by listening to the excellent album “Skin So Hot?" That's a very good place to begin. Porches' Aaron Maine plays on it too, if this info helps give you that final nudge to give this band a chance….but honestly my recommendation should've been enough.

When you get done listening to/loving “Skin So Hot" you should then listen to the band's latest release “Small Wind Power" because it's really good too (perhaps my personal favorite) and I want as many nice things for you as possible.

And since you've come this far, might as well finish with the EP that started at all.

Fraternal Twin play out a bunch, having recently shared dope bills with Girlpool, Painted Zeroes, Izzy True, Furnsss, Quarterbacks and Save Ends, so if you like any of those bands like I do, well, consider that six more reasons to get into this band...but honestly my initial recommendation should've been the only one you needed....after all these years spending time together and you still can't trust me?.....that's cool....no worries....all good....I'm OK...you're OK....everything is CHILL....just like this band.

Published March 1, 2016



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