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Woodhands: the next generation of nerd-rock

August 11, 2008
Woodhands is a dance duo in that distorted New Wave-meets-nerd sort of way. It's geeky and fun. Anybody out there remember the Jaminator? It was a pretty awesome guitar/keyboard that was deemed safe for ages 8 and up. It was a two-week phenomenon in the Rockness household circa 1989. Anyway, primary singer Dan Werb (one of the two guys that make up the Toronto band) rocks the REAL Jaminator, a.k.a. the keytar. Keytars are cool again, I guess.

Werb also plays some standard synths and twists some knobs, too. And somehow, he needs not one but TWO microphones for his often Transformer-ish vocals. Then there's Paul Banwatt who pretty much just does drums. If you've ever seen Videohippos, it's sort of like their stage set-up.

The band claims they make music for dirty sex, but I don't really hear that so much, unless maybe Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man get it on to this. The band just signed to Paper Bag Records, onetime home to Tokyo Police Club, and will appeal to fans of their frequent stage partners, Crystal Castles.

And check out the Jaminator if you can find it on eBay. It SLAYS.

Woodhands play the Silent Barn, on Saturday, August 16th.


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