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Ratatat still rock it.

July 8, 2008
Brooklyn's catchy as hell rock-electronic duo, Ratatat, had all the makings of instant success. First, they thought up a really cool name. With a cool moniker you immediately have a leg up on the competition. (Who knew it would be so hard to think of a decent name for your band? It's like, just think a little bit, guys.)

Second, guitarist Mike Stroud played guitar for Ben Kweller's band and Dashboard Confessional (Chris Carraba they aint!) so he's got some high-pressure performance practice.

Third, Ratatat initially played with a bunch of once-and-future buzz kings, including Franz Ferdinand, !!!, Tortoise and Battles.

Fourth, Paul Banks of Interpol essentially discovered them. Kinda.

With all the initial hype, these guys could have most easily found themselves listed in the flash-in-the-pan bin at your local record store. But Ratatat have managed to keep their lucky dice rolling. It certainly helps that they write good songs.

Ratatat's debut album on XL Recordings a few years ago was really good. If that song "Seventeen Years" wasn't stuck in your head for weeks, well, you're probably not a shower singer or disco dancer.

The band just released a brand new full-length (also on XL) that continues their accessible beat-pop, but this time it's in a bit more down-tempo sort of way.

With Evan's infectuous beats and Mike's snappy guitar, Ratatat boasts one of the more energetic live shows you'll see. Over the past few years, the band has become known as the one that gets the party started.


Ratatat play Music Hall of Williamsburg, on Saturday, March 25th


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