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Hercules and Love Affair: it sounds like Cher.

May 6, 2008
**UPDATED EDITOR'S NOTE: Apparently Antony is not scheduled to appear at this show. So if you're going just for him, don't go. But Antony fans read on; maybe we'll change your mind and you'll go anyway. Or maybe he'll show up. Who knows!

I'm not saying that these guys are for everybody (nor, am I saying that you're not pretty), but Hercules and Love Affair are pretty darn catchy, and who doesn't like to catch some good kitschy disco every now and then? Even the most jaded of music souls need to get a good rhythmic hip thrust in occasionally; because we all know you can't just slyly nod your head, or be just so damn bemused, at ALL the shows you go to. Where's the fun in that? Sometimes you just need to let it out and mix it up!

Hercules and Love Affair will make you forget you're not supposed to be into this stuff. Do you secretly rock out when no one is around to Abba and Cher? If so, there's no reason to hide anymore! This is the band for you! And if you have never thought Abba or Cher ever had some good jams, and claim to only listen to Minor Threat off-shoots, well, no one likes a liar. Especially Santa. Remember that.

Hercules and Love Affair is the dance (and I do mean dance, not dance-punk, dance-clash, etc...) project of NYC DJ dude Andrew Butler and some of his talented singer friends. Butler's most notable friend in Hercules is Antony Hegarty (sans his Johnsons). Now I've never had a love affair with that dude, but he sounds pretty good on here.

If you've happened to hit the clubs recently and heard the band's soon-to-be-massive hit "Blind" (sung by Antony), you probably thought it was either the Johnsons going all Abba, or you just chalked it up to Cher's latest reinvention of herself. And I bet you liked it.

Hercules and Love Affair is just one big disco party. The pond doesn't run too deep. It's music meant to allow your "inhibitions" to peel away just like the layers of your sweaty satin suit. The group's domestic debut is coming out on DFA Records (oh, you know who's on DFA) and will be played everywhere pelvis' sway and overpriced vodka and Red Bull is served.

Oh and, not that this will definitely happen, but if you go to this show and someone from Hercules and Love Affair implores you to dance, tell them to "stuff it." Use stronger language if necessary. Man, I hate when bands tell you what to do from the stage. (Except Cher. If she tells me to jump, I'll go to Home Depot, ask for the safest ladder that's in stock and reasonably priced, and then I'll go home, walk up to the third highest rung, and jump, landing emphatically on my strategically placed couch cushions. That's what I'd do for Cher.)


Hercules and Love Affair play Studio B, on Saturday, May 17th.


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