The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: The National + Real Estate + Dum Dum Girls + Kaiser Chiefs + STRFKR + Dave Chappelle + Ought + Somos + Rob Delaney - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: The National + Real Estate + Dum Dum Girls + Kaiser Chiefs + STRFKR + Dave Chappelle + Ought + Somos + Rob Delaney

June 19, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

The shows aren’t joking around this week. There is much goodness to dissect and discuss. But remember. There’s nothing funny about live music. This is “The Music Industry.” And that's "Serious Business." So center yourself stony and bring your stoic game face.

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Thursday - June 19th, 2014 A.D.

Somos play Asbury Park. And yeah, man. I know that’s in New Jersey which may be far from where you're carefully reading this dynamic original web content feature. But this Boston band recently released a record that is definitely going to be in my Top 5 albums of 2014. And the way things are headed, it very well could reach #1 when everything is all said and done. Listen to the whole thing below. It’s pretty much perfect.

STRFKR + Poolside + Chrome Sparks play a free show at House of Vans. You had to RSVP. So if you want to go to this - I hope you did. If you didn’t - I hope you’re not too sad reading this. Because this dynamic online web feature is supposed to make you happy. Don’t worry. You’ll find something else free to do. I believe in you.

By the way, this free show is one of 100+ free shows on our Free Summer Shows list. Does that help make you feel at least just a tiny bit better? I hope so. Even though the only thing that will ease the pain of not getting into House of Vans tonight….. is time.

Star Slinger plays Output tonight and he’s brought his big beats to Brooklyn all the way from….”Manchester England England… across the Atlantic sea...and I’m a genius genius…I believe in God….and I believe that God... believes in Claude...that’s me that’s me.”

(what other muzik blob is doing beats/musical mash-ups? only whoa my blobness, son!)

You know him because of his great hair. Rob Delaney starts the first of six straight ha-ha-ha shows at Caroline’s. And this would have fit very well when we were keeping to theme funny. But I’m afraid things have already moved on to much graver matters….like good rock ‘n roll live music concert shows. Oh well. I can’t always be tying things up in a pretty little bow around here.

This one will be cool. Jón Gnarr is at the Strand. He’ll be speaking about how this one time he was an actor and comedian based in Reykjavík who thought it would be funny to run for Mayor of Iceland’s largest city and then he won. The promise of “free towels in all the swimming pools” probably did it.

Dead Stars and Slothrust play Union Pool. And that is so weird. Because I recently wrote about both of these good bands. It’s like I plan this shit or something!

Other notable shows = The National at Prospect Park (double again) + Devo at Best Buy Theater + Matisyahu at Stone Pony + Pilot to Gunner at Saint Vitus Bar + Prism House at Cameo Gallery + a free Total Slacker show at Ravel Hotel


Friday - June 20th, 2014 A.D.

You oughta KNOW OH OH OH OH OH about this band. Montreal’s Ought play Rough Trade. They are world class eccentro-poppers of the most excellent kind. Read more about them by clicking their name. You’re gonna like the way that dynamic web copy reads. I guarantee it. And I just now thought of something. Ought should really tour with the recently reunited Unicorns because that would be a perfect sound pairing. And I should mind my own business.

Kaiser Chiefs play Webster Hall. And I can’t remember. Has Kaiser Chiefs taken over this side of “The Pond” yet?

It’s SLACKFEST (?) at 94 Evergreen (?) today and tomorrow and Sunday. If you don’t know what that is - no worries! I didn’t either! But now I do. And soon so will you. 40+ local mostly Brooklyn bands are playing. Including Life Size Maps. Click here to see the lineup. For slacker eyes only.

You know what? Air Waves are a good goddamn band. I’ve been saying it for years. And there’s no end in sight to this recommendation. They play Cameo Gallery tonight. C’mon. Let’s go get popped.

Finally. Everyone who wants to see a free Fall Out Boy show at Rockefeller Center at 6 AM this morning raise their hand.

Other notable shows = Gavin Russom at Glasslands + Midnight Magic at Cameo Gallery + Laura Stevenson & the Cans at Brooklyn Night Bazaar + Flagland at Palisades


Saturday - June 21st, 2014 A.D.

Morrissey canceled Barclays Center tonight. But the local Smiths cover band has bravely decided that their unofficial after show at a venue sort of nearby shall go on!

Dum Dum Girls + Hospitality + TEEN play a free show in Prospect Park. Those are three really good bands. And say. Did I ever mention that we made a massive Free Summer Shows list that feature shows that are free like this free show is free?

MNDR plays late at Slake. M TTLLY GNG.

Funny Atlanta punks The Coathangers play a free show at Brooklyn Night Bazaar tonight. I hope they play “Nestle In My Boobies.” Because “Nestle In My Boobies” is my favorite song. I mean, after “Amazing Grace.” Obviously.

Tampa post-somethings Merchandise play Glasslands (and Sunday at Saint Vitus) and they will be selling shirts in the back.

Other notable shows = Poolside at The Surf Lodge (that's in Montauk, man) + Suburned Hand of Man and friends at Trans-Pecos + Little Dragon at Terminal 5 + Jacques Renault at Output + Life Size Maps at Palisades + Bill Maher at The Capitol Theatre


Sunday - June 22nd, 2014 A.D.

The Surf Lodge play Real Estate. Show good really a be should this.

For fans of talking backwards.

File Under: Free.

RIYL: Montauk.

tUnE-YaRds tAkE oN WEbStEr HAlL tOnIgHt. ANd tHe oNlY tHiNg I wAnT tO kNoW, gUyS, iS wHy oH wHy dO wE dInE oN tHe tOtS?

Black Flag play Europa. I don’t know which offshoot of Black Flag this is or which original members will play etc. I got really confused by this a couple years ago. And the in-fighting just got to be too much. So I just shut down. I’ll let you handle the details for this one.

Other notable shows tonight = Bang on a Can marathon at Brookfield Place Plaza (free) + I guess that’s it.


That's it. I'm done. Thanks for reading. And thanks for taking it super seriously. There is no "fun" in "The Music Industry." But there is a "dust." And that's all it is. Dust in the wind, dudes. So party on. And be excellent to each other. Forever and Ever. Amen.


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