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Celebrate 2008 with Les Savy Fav!

December 18, 2007
Where, oh where, did 2007 go? Another year of our hopes and dreams slowly fading like a decaying flower that was once bloomed and full of promise. It was the year our best friends Jermaine, Paulie and Scottie left us out to dry. And now we have nothing but a frayed scrapbook of diminishing memories. Ok, there's no need to email us with the numbers of your favorite therapists. It's just baseball after all, and the White Sox will one day get better, just like good old 2005. Right? Right? (we ask as we silently sob and curl in the fetal position).

But at least the year is ending well! NYC's own Les Savy Fav will stroke your midnight (ok, technically they go on at 2am) as it flips to 2008! Man, if this show is any indication, next year is going to be awesome. Forget Dick Clark and balls dropping, gimme indie rock!

It's hard to believe these former art-school kids have been around over ten years now. Where does our youth go! If you've caught Les Savy's show lately, it's obvious their excitement for being in a band hasn't worn off. If anything, these guys are more stoked to be doing what they love for as long as they have. They play long and loud and with goofy grins. This is musical optimism.

And going to a Les Savy show is a guaranteed pick-me-up no matter how terrible your holidays might have been. What's more uplifting than ushering in a new year with some good old-fashioned dissonant, herky jerky, bratty spastic rock and roll? It'll almost make you forget how Aunt Vera got wasted on a box of pink Franzia and started comparing you to her favorite dog as a child.

Starting with a mutual appreciation for bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Fugazi, and Nation of Ulysses, the members of Les Savy Fav went and created a pure rock spectacle entirely their own. There should just be a new genre called Les Savy Rock. But then again, Les Savy would be the only ones who could pull it off. And 1 is the lonliest number (except for 90, which was how many games the White Sox lost in 2007).



Les Savy Fav play Bowery Ballroom, on Monday, December 31st.


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