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Simian Mobile Disco make perfect dance-rock.

June 25, 2007
These two dudes must have sold their souls to the devil. No way could they create these sinfully addictive beats and hooks on their own. Simian Mobile Disco (formerly just Simian) are the reigning kings of the UK dance underground.

The duo are known primarily for their electrically insane remixes of songs from bands like Klaxons, The Rapture and The Go! Team. But recently, they've been taking their sick studio show to the stage, playing their mashed-up jams live to sweaty crowds ready to rave.

I'm telling you, these guys have tapped into something supernatural. I'm no dancer, but every time I hear their impossibly catchy hit, "Hustler," I'm ready to challenge anyone to a one-off tap-off, Cliff Huxtable style. Why? Well, because that's what my daddy's made me.

For fans of Justice, Digitalism and our boy, JDH. Their debut album is due out summer '07.

Simian Mobile Disco play Studio B, on Saturday, July 7th.


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