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Montreal's Malajube: catchy, swirly, crazy

June 11, 2007
The wonderfully poppy and wacky (and slightly psych-y) Malajube play two shows this week; one outdoor show at Prospect Park in Brooklyn (see them for a whopping $3 dollars!) with The Stills, and the other at the decidedly indoors Maxwell's (in Hoboken) with Daylight's for the Birds. Catch them once, catch them twice, but just catch them.

Montreal's Malajube play melodic eccentro-pop similar to what their compatriots The Unicorns were doing before they broke up (the vocals even sort of sound the same). It makes sense then that these four guys have toured with Unicorn Nick Diamonds' next band, Islands. With Malajube, you get cheerfully distorted guitar rock-outs coupled with uplifting piano freak-outs. I would tell you what their songs are about, but they sing in French. I took Spanish. But I'm guessing they're all about Arcade Fire, smoked meat, and bunny rabbits. Just a hunch.

The rambunctious band has been around for a few years, but only recently "broke" with the release of their highly acclaimed album, Trompe-L'oeil. And might I suggest you do what I like to do most Friday nights; put on this record at full-blast (from the privacy of your home), turn off the lights and turn on the strobe light (if you don't have a strobe, just have a willing partner flick your light switch 'off' and 'on' in a rapid manner) and then assume position in your Sit 'N Spin and watch your cares go by the wayside as these catchy and silly sounds swirl as you twirl. Good times.

If you plan on going to see them at Prospect Park, you will also see The Stills. They're also a pop band from Montreal. They used to sound a little 80's retro new-wave in the style of Inter Division (or Joy Terpol). But then they changed singers and mixed-up their sound a whole lot and now they sound like a pretty straight-forward pop rock band from 2007. They still have the hooks though.

Go see Malajube at Maxwell's and you'll see NYC's Daylight's for the Birds. The band features former members of the somewhat short-lived, yet critically acclaimed, band On!Air!Library! Out of OAL's ashes comes this dreamy shoegazing pop foursome. Daylight's for the Birds have been called "cinematic" and "ethereal." Amanda Garrrett's vocals float effortlessly over the band's guitar swirls and synths, making for a nice balance of delicateness and drama. If you like Calla, Asobi Sesku and Serena Maneesh, you'll like these guys.

Malajube play Prospect Park with The Stills on Saturday, June 30th, and Maxwell's with Daylight's for the Birds, on Sunday, July 1st.


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