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Toronto's Do Make Say Think play restrained orchestral rock.

March 21, 2007
Akin to Godspeed and featuring a member of Broken Social Scene, instrumental band Do Make Say Think are another sprawling Canadian collective that creates aural presentations documenting the new sonic revolution. Or you could just call them post-rock. If you're into any of the bands on the Constellation roster, you'll be into these guys.

DMST's main strength is the technical wizardry of their drumming, via both machine and man. It is this emphasis on percussion that most noticeably sets this band apart from bands like Godspeed. They do have their fair share of ambient strings and synths, yet it's as if the dramatic sounds support, rather than lead, the beat.

DMST play wistfully restrained music that is best listened to in the dead of winter, as the music equally compliments the bleak season's despair yet leaves hope for the possibility of warmer days ahead.

Do Make Say Think play Southpaw, on Wednesday, March 28th, and Bowery Ballroom, on Thursday, March 29th.


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