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Say Hey to Shy Child!

January 6, 2005
The uber-catchy synth/drum duo Shy Child, consisting of Pete Cafarella (synths, vocals) and Nate Smith (drums), formed in NYC in 2000. Before Shy Child, Pete was in El Guapo (Dischord) and was working with the legendary avant composer Anthony Braxton (father of Tyondai). Nate was playing drums in the highly regarded band, Touchdown.

Since their formation, Shy Child has moved away from electronics and prog in favor of a more stripped down sound. They want to groove with only basic vocals, synths and beats. Everything else just gets in the way. Their sound is rich in swirling keyboard melodies and infectious beats that surely would delight any Rapture fan. Put on their album One with the Sun on Say Hey Records (one of the best up-and-coming indie labels in NYC) and start bopping your head, tapping your feet, and planning your next move.

Shy Child play The Delancey, Thursday, January 6th.


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