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London's Metronomy are pleasantly plugged in.

March 07, 2007
London's Joseph Mount is the man behind Mentronomy and he records everything alone. But when he's on stage, Mount's got two mates behind him to help execute these remarkable feats of electronic pop goodness. Mount's easy tenor floats over these boys' non-threatening bass thumps and programmed pleasantries.

The band's tempos are just above chill and just below electro, creating nice even-keel rhythms which become perfect to modestly dance to. For fans of their Moshi-Moshi label pals, Lo-Fi-Fnk, as well as other pleasantly plugged-in bands like Walter Meego and Hot Chip.

Metronomy plays Club Midway on Sunday, March 11th and Monday, March 12th. They also play Union Hall on Tuesday, March 13th.


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