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Gospel is sick!

December 13, 2006
Arrgggh! We're doing our best to spread the good news about these guys. Gospel is sick. With brutally heavy rhythms and out-of-this-world percussion, this band is a straight-up FORCE. When I'm lacing up my gloves and want to get psyched up for my impending twelve round fight (ok, of Scrabble), I put on Gospel. Their album, The Moon is Dead on Level Plane (home of the eternally underrated hardcore band, Neil Perry) hits me harder than any pugilist (or wordsmith) ever could.

This is "hard" music for people who don't like "hard" music. If you admire complex orchestration and intricate time signatures, then you'll appreciate Gospel's riffs, no matter how loud they may be. Throw in a little Mars Volta-esque prog goodness, and you've got one of the more exciting bands coming out of NYC. I've seen the light now that I have the Gospel... on my iTunes.

Gospel play Cake Shop, on Wednesday, December 27th.


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