Oh My Rockness' 2-year Birthday Party!

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Oh My Rockness' 2-year Birthday Party!

October 25, 2006
It's true; Oh My Rockness is turning two! And we have newfound maturity to prove it too. I mean, when's the last time we described a band as sounding "fantastically farty" on these pages? It's gotta be at least since August or something. Yes, we've learned a lot here at OMR over these past twenty-four months; mostly from venues, readers and bands who kindly offered to "teach us a thing or two." We're kidding (somewhat), 99% of the people we've met on the job have been incredibly nice and supportive. And for that, it's time to celebrate! We couldn't ask for a better line-up to get festive with than three of our very favorite NYC bands: Apes and Androids, Cause Co-Motion and Titus Andronicus. We can't wait!

Our band bash is at The Annex on Monday, October 30th. And if you get there by 8pm, we'll give you some free Sparks to really get you in the party spirit. Yeah! So please come so we can avoid a repeat of our 11th birthday party at the Burger King playground...the jungle gym just isn't as awesome when it's only you, your mom, and your grey-haired senile next-door neighbor.

When's the last time you said, "I wish bands would wear make-up and incorporate puppets and pageantry more." Well your deep desires have been answered with our headliners, Apes and Androids! Think David Bowie meets "Bohemian Rhapsody" meets Godspell meets Tron, and you're left with this bordering-on-brilliant band. We caught these guys recently and thought we stepped straight into Godspell (minus the God part). This young fearsome fivesome peppers their electro-inspired songs with four-part harmonies/chants (that's where the "Bohemian Rhapsody" comes into play) that surely sounds light-years ahead of 2006. This must be the new shit, because I've never heard anything like it before. They are a band designed to dance to, and sure enough, most people were. But they aren't all antics. Make no mistake, Apes and Androids are tight.

Cause Co-Motion are playing as well?!? Man, we love THESE guys too! This show sure is going to be awesome! NYC jangly pop quartet Cause Co-Motion! are an extremely charming band that prefer a choppy, clean guitar sound to anything distorted. Although these guys have been around in various incarnations since 2002, they've seemed to finally be making a push to take it to the next level. They recently released a fantastic EP (produced by the guy in The Rogers Sisters) on the better-by-the-hour NYC label What's Your Rupture? (Love is All, Comet Gain, The Long Blondes), and been generating much deserved love and acclaim for their entirely energetic live shows. Think seeing Richard Hell and the Voidoids in their heyday. Cause Co-Motion! make frantic guitar rock sound just so pleasant. If they aren't huge, I'm giving up the game.

You're kidding, AND Titus Andronicus too!?! Wow, whoever put on this show sure must be H-O-T. We're really energized about this up-and-coming band. These young New Jersey kids make music that makes me happy. And before too long, all the world shall know their joy. T.A. rock a lo-fi punk sound reminiscent of The Thermals (I guess that hate that comparison...too bad), but with perhaps slightly more skewed melodies. There are all sorts of things going on in a Titus Andronicus song besides indie rock riffs; horns, harmonicas, vocal distortion, a cappella refrains, and joyful shoe stomps to name but a few. And the end result is just so damn delightful, it's enough to soften even the shells of die-hard "Spiderland" fans. YES!

We're so excited to celebrate with you! Thanks for an awesome two-years, dudes!

Apes and Androids, Cause Co-Motion! and Titus Andronicus play The Annex, on Monday, October 30th.


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