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There is No Recommended Show.

August 16, 2006
So we're not going to do a Recommended Show this week because we're just not that into singularity today. I mean, who's to say that Iron and Wine is better than Sufjan Stevens? Or that The Shins is a better choice than Ted Leo? Or that Beirut has bad stage banter? Who's to say?!?! So we're just giving you some choices and you can make the call. Actually let's just throw caution to the wind, let our hair down, and recommended every single show this week. Why not? Everyone is out of town this week anyway.

Here's a selection of shows to see:

Iron and Wine - My faith in Sam Beam's band was restored after hearing a live recorded version of "The Trapeze Singer," the grandest epic song since "American Pie." Why he won't just concentrate on that lonely acoustic guitar instead of all that alt-Americana, I will never know.

Sufjan Stevens - The prolific singer-songwriter with an unhealthy Dee Brown/Deron Williams fetish plays for Jon Stewart and David Eggers at the Beacon Theater. You Shall Know His Virtuosity. Too bad The Boy Least Likely To isn't on this bill, or I could have used the joke "McTweeneys." Too bad.

The Shins - I first heard of this band from Natalie Portman. She told me they were pretty cool, so I went to Sam Goody and checked them out. You know, Natalie was totally right. They ARE pretty cool.

Ted Leo - I once shared an office with someone who would play Ted Leo about eighty times a day, every day. Hearing "You didn't think they could hate you now, did ya?" over and over and over made it very clear why you could hate him. It was only after the second week (or the 8,000th listen) that my heart of oak against his music finally cracked.

Low - This band either transfixes or tranquilizes. Remember, there is no such thing as boring music, only boring people... except for Ida.

Apes and Androids - I guarantee next year when I'm reading my US Weekly on the treadmill at the Y, Apes and Androids will be plastered all over its glossy pages right next to pics of what Vanna White is wearing (she's still the "it" girl, right?). These guys are going to be famous. Currently, they rock the best live show around.

Beirut - I apologize for my previous "bad stage banter" comment. That was snarky and uncalled for and totally true. The vibrato is top notch, but the verbal wordplay... work in progress.

Criteria - I don't care if all of Stephen Pederson's songs seem to be about "writing songs" and how tough it is to be a "rock star." This dude's guitars still rock, with choruses that make me feel like a high schooler again (for better or worse).

Every Other Band Playing This Week - These bands RULE! Great guitars. Great drums. Great singer. And real sex appeal on stage. Rev up the blogs, because everyone playing this week is going to be HUGE.

Everybody plays Everywhere, all this week.


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