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Alvvays and Forever.

November 25, 2013

Written by Patrick McNamara

“Alvvays and forever! Each moment vvith you. Is just like a dreammmm to meeeee. That somehow came true, yeahhhh.”

I’ll tell you vvhat, bub. That’s the slow, vvarm and tender ballad that I’m gonna croon to Alvvays if I ever meet them. And I’ll do it on one knee. And sing it in the key of mighty Luther V. too. Because that’s just vvhat good guitar jingle-jangle like Alvvays’ good guitar jingle-jangle does to me. It turns me into a dramatically romantic nostalgic big old American softie. I’m cool with it. And Alvvays will be too….until they hear me belt the part that goes, “and vve’ll SHARE tomorrovv! TOGETHERRRR!” That’s when Alvvays will nod and smile and slowly but surely back away.

Alvvays is a five-piece led from Toronto by singer/songvvriter/guitarist Molly Rankin (the other members’ names are Alec! Phil! Kerri! Brian!). Beyond all the good guitar jingle-jangle (as if you ever needed more than that to love a band vvith all of your heart and soul and to make you feel protected and joyful and free) there are also plenty of svveet and sunny good time vibes at work here. And vvhile I guess this should probably definitely maybe be considered indiepop, Alvvays songs have a fine sense of occasion to them that moves them slightly beyond the genre.

And those songs in question are mostly concerned with that svveet svveet jingle to the jangle, but sometimes they like to reach for that rare air where only the angels and the eagles and the drones dare fly. Musically, when that happens Alvvays sounds like Jens Lekman meets Belle & Sebastian. But not as whimsical or tender. Just kind of similarly grand like that. But Alvvays’ also have some of those sunny lo-fi fuzzy moments that all those sunny lo-fi fuzzy Beach bands love to do too. So yeah. More than just indiepop. And oh, as for Molly Rankin’s vocals? Well, her voice just sounds like a delightful dream.

Alvvays' upcoming debut album is coming out soon on the fine Canadian label Royal Mountain Records (home to PUP, one of my very favorite GUITAR bands - but PUP have their own band profile - so they should really stop trying to sabotage this one - punks). And I have a feeling the muzik blobs are really going to love it. I’ll love it too... because I'll “ALVVAYS FOREVER LOVE YOU! I SAID FOREVER, EVER LOVE YOU. LOVE YOU FOREVER, EVER. ALVVAYS FOREVER LOVE YOU, YOU. FOREVER!!!!!!!”

(please note: all Ws have been replaced with VVs in the making of this profile - i note this because it took a long time to change them all - so i didn’t vvant the joke to be so subtle that my hard vvork was missed - thanks and best of luck with the rest of your procrastinating today.)

Alvvays play Glasslands, on Tuesday, November 26th.


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