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The indoor beach party featuring Oh No! Oh My!, The Big Sleep and Professor Murder

July 5, 2006
Get ready... because... shorts... are... back! DUH-DUH-DUH-DUM! Insound's annual pre-Siren fright fest returns with "The Return of Shorts: The Beach." If you went to Shorts #1 last year, you may remember getting in to see The Ponys and Be Your Own Pet for only $2.00 because you were brave enough to bare your chicken legs to the world. You were brave enough, weren't you? Well, if not, July 13th is the night of second chances.

The offer is still the same: $2.00 to get in with shorts, $5.00 without 'em. And if you missed Oh No! Oh My!'s first ever show in NYC last week, here's your second chance to see their second ever show in NYC. The talent hardly drops off after the headliners however. NYC's own The Big Sleep and Professor Murder represent one of the strongest 1-2-3 punch line-ups of the summer. Oh yeah, there's free Sparks for an hour too. Now that's what I call a party.

Oh No! Oh My! create giddy guitar pop that literally bounces with sunny enthusiasm. Lyrics like "Nice Day for a Walk in the Park" accompanied by vocal "ba-da-bop-bops" is optimistic enough to drive even the Monday morning malaise away. Think Belle & Sebastian, Sufjan Stevens and The Boy Least Likely To. Speaking of thinking...

News flash: Oh My Rockness likes The Big Sleep. Oh wait, everyone knows that already because we never SHUT UP ABOUT IT. But why stop now? The trio play driving rock that's gotta be "post-" something, because this band relies on extremely tight rhythms. Think walls of stunning guitar sound backed by precise percussion, and the occasional vocals. You can almost hear each member's pure delight at how well they can rock it with each other. This is something serious.

Professor Murder rock the cowbells in a serious way. Their sound is self-described (very accurately) as "happy hardcore," and sure enough, I definitely feel good when this comes on. The foursome mixes samples and synths with their riffs, but the cowbell is clearly the mighty weapon that keeps these melodies bouncing.

Oh No! Oh My!, The Big Sleep and Professor Murder play Supreme Trading, on Thursday, July 13th.


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