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The Best Shows This Weekend!

July 27, 2013

Written by Patrick McNamara

Let’s get started. But before we do! The Best Shows of The Week wouldn’t be possible without the help from some of our close personal advertising sponsors. So let’s take a minute to heartily thank Debbie’s Guacamole (show her an avocado and Deb will show you the world) and Larry’s Belt Loops (let the other guys fight over your belts and your buckles - Larry here is gonna worry about yer loops) and Pauline’s Clean Carpet Steam (it’s not water - it’s not smoke - it’s something in-between - get stains clean - with Pauline).

These are The Best $$$$$$$hows This Weekend.

Thursday - August 1st, 2013 A.D.

Remember when I said Hector’s Pets was also playing tonight at Cake Shop and I’d tell you about it later? This is proof I didn’t forget. But really, I just wanted to let you know that Barreracudas is also playing this show (and The Grand Victory on Sunday too). They are really good - what, with the similar retro power jangle guitar pop thing and all. In fact, Barreracudas were one of the best bands I saw at this year’s SXSW. So there’s that. Tight. Good tone. Snappy singable Big Star-meets-Ramones melodies, perhaps. But it’s up to you. Whatever you think.

Denver’s Gauntlet Hair play Mercury Lounge (with Dinowalrus - whew, that is one outdated band profile, right there) - and tomorrow at Glasslands with some other peeps). A noise-synth-dark-yet-not-quite-sinister situation. Groovy good times, basically.

The Go-Go’s are playing a FREE SHOW tonight in Coney Island. You think I’m going to let you leave this night without talking about how good of a pop song “Vacation” is? Hellllll no! I know you know the song, but when’s the last time you really heard it, man? Go ahead. This time...try to HEAR it.


Friday - August 2nd, 2013 A.D.

Jamie Lidell + Dan Deacon + The Stepkids play a FREE show at the bandshell in Prospect Park. I love that goddamn park. Without its grass and trees, who knows where I’d be. Probably McCarren. The horror. The horror. (just kidding McCarren is fine and right and courageous and true too - but the Park of Prospect, it ain’t.)

Montreal’s Blue Hawaii play 285 Kent tonight (with Empress Of, Solar Year, and....Weeknight...because we need another Weekend/Weeknd/The Weekend/Weeknight band). Featuring a member of Braids, Blue Hawaii are a boy/girl duo who make pretty, atmospheric pop....whatever atmospheric means...why yes, this song WAS written in the atmosphere, why yes it was!

Let’s stick with the good pop duos. Kisses play Brooklyn Bowl . And I feel more pleasant already. Yep. Got my fishing line out in the middle of nowhere casting my cares left, far, and right.


Saturday - August 3rd, 2013 A.D.

The Depreciation Guild (led by Kurt Feldman of The Pains + Ice Choir) were an under-de-appreciated band when they were around. They had some super solid indie pop songs with just the right dash of the 8-bitness. And then they broke up. I don’t know why. But now they’re back together. Or, something. Maybe not. But they’re definitely playing their album “In Her Gentle Jaws” from 2007 in its entirety at Glasslands tonight. Infinity Shred opens. They’re good too. I love when that happens.

Vince Clarke from Depeche Mode and Erasure and The Assembly is doing a rare DJ set at (le) poisson rouge tonight. He wrote my favorite Depeche Mode song which I will now conveniently post for you below (“Enjoy the Silence” and anything on “Violator” is perhaps the more popular critical choice, but I don’t care - when’s the last time you saw a critic dance).

Can I quickly bring up one more thing about Vince Clarke? He also remixed this good Chad Valley song. And it became a different kind of good song. Just wanted to let you know that. And see if you wanted to listen to it. OK, bye.

Oh yeah, Beyonce’s playing. So there’s that.


Sunday - August 4th, 2013r> A.D.

Beck plays that lovely Park of Prospect place. And he’s bringing his band too. Those of you who already know about this show and want to go are already going. Those who didn’t know about this show until now and want to go probably can’t get in. Sold out. So I don’t really know what my function is here. Soy un perdedor (especially for choosing to post the most obvious Beck song ever - but whatever, i choose LIFE.)

Ovlov play Shea Stadium (with Mr. Dream too). I’ve told you about their good punk before. I’m telling you about their good punk again. Because goodness never tires, never fades. Told you that before too. So know that I know but it’s more important for you to remember to never forget it. Got it? No? Good. That means you get it.


The Best Shows This Week has been brought to you by Pam’s Raspberry Jam (so jammy you can see the seeds squirm!) and Keith’s Pick-Up Trucks (when you need a truck to pick you up you need to speak with Keith!) and Steve’s Liquidators (best prices in town cuz steve don’t want ‘em in his store either!).

See you next week. Or, not. But I’d like to think you’d come back. Yes. I’d like to think that.


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