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Baked are good. Whoa.

July 8, 2013
If you’re gonna name your band, Baked, let me tell you better be able to make some PRETTY delicious cookies and cupcakes and croissants (that’s right, croissants) or you’re not worthy of the title. I’ll give Baked the benefit of the doubt on this one. But if I ever see them so much as thinking of reaching for pre-made dough that comes in a plastic tube - they’re OUTTA here. (I don’t know how I would ever see someone think, but it could happen, man. Anything can happen when you’re baking.)

Baked (that’s this band’s name) are a good mellowed-out band from Brooklyn that plays easy breezy fuzzy reverb-y psych jams for the chillers and the lovers and alllllll the colors of the spectrum. These guys take their time creating the good vibes. Because there is no time. There is only now. And we all are vibing on that together, man.

I could see Baked being on Captured Tracks (home to The Soft Moon + DIIV + Widowspeak + Beach Fossils + Wild Nothing + such as + so forth). Or, some other arbiter of goodness. For there is no one path on the journey of musical delight. And arbiters of goodness don’t exist.

You know what would be fun to do while listening to Baked? Here’s what you do. You get out all the necessary equipment after you’ve locally sourced the freshest material - and you make a Black Forest Cake, man. Think about it. When’s the last time you made your own CAKE? It’s delightful and the results are delicious! Nothing is stopping you from making your own cake or any other pastry all by yourself except for YOURself - which is not in there - it’s out there - and everywhere. Whoa.

(Pro tip: make sure you have really good measuring cups. The key to good baking is precision. Not too much. Not too little. Just right on the right. I like to call my favorite measuring cup, “Sweetness,” which is the nickname for its real name, WATER Payton.)

Still here? What are you waiting for? Stream this Baked song. And then get baking. Then go back to this band profile. It’ll read much better. After you’ve baked.

Baked play Glasslands (with Bass Drum of Death + The So So Glos), on Tuesday, July 9th.


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