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The Best Shows This Weekend!

April 22, 2013
Written by Patrick McNamara

We know you have a choice when you procrastinate. So we sincerely thank you for choosing The Best Shows This Week as your procrastination activity of choice. It means a lot that you would stare and scroll down this space instead of dealing with your more pressing, real world things. It’s a big responsibility and we take it seriously.

So thank you for your kindness in deciding to read this (even if you're already having second thoughts). We’ll be sure to Pay it Forward too. There’s enough dynamic online web blob content below to positively touch millions of lives. There’s something for everyone here. We swear on Haley Joel Osment’s career.

These Are. The Best Shows. This Week.

Thursday - April 25th, 2013 A.D.

97X....BAM! The three-night Crossing Brooklyn Ferry festival starts tonight (and continues Friday and Saturday) at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (97X...BAM) with a bunch of good bands and artists (load time, guys - load time). You’ll want to check out that situation, for sure. 97X....BAM. The future of rock ‘n roll.

Old Wounds open the show at The Acheron. Such a peaceful band. Below is a wonderful song to play at mellow wine and cheese parties. This sounds great with brie. And perhaps a nice oaky Chardonnay.

Chicago’s dark reverb swirlers, Disappears, play Knitting Factory. They haven’t played these here parts in quite some time. These here parts would make you think we are in Oklahoma or Alabama, but no. We are in New. York. City. The York of the New City, y’all! Lemme hear it! City of the York New WHATTTTT! Wait. What?


Friday - April 26th, 2013 A.D.

Did you know there is a disco dance duo named Tiger & Woods. They’re playing their synths and machines at Highline Ballroom tonight. Phil & Mickelsons not scheduled to open. Now, I hear things can get prettttty sweaty at these dancing show things. So make sure you’re probably hydrated. I suggest drinking lots of Arnold & Palmers before, during, and after. They’re refreshing. And delicious.

California X plays Death by Audio. They sure do like guitars, don’t they? I don’t think California X and Tiger & Woods would have a whole lot to talk about if they ever hung out together. Maybe they could talk about how they need each other. Because contrast (in this case, synths vs. guitars) must exist in the universal order of things to allow your thing to even be a “thing.” You know, brah? You know what I’m throwing down at you? Yeah, brah. You know.


Saturday - April 27th, 2013 A.D.

There’s a super solid outdoor show at Barnard today. 10 bands to celebrate 20 years of WBAR. It’s free. And there will be food. It’s not called the WBAR-B-Q for how many subway trains you’ll have to take to get all the way up there. (lemme get a drum "bah" and a couple drum "dums" and a strong "cymbal crash" finish for that one)

Here's that solid Barnard line-up linked for your pleasure. (after you click that, you’ll see some of those band names are in RED - that means their name links to a Rockness profile where we discuss their goodness in more detail - this red name does NOT just link to the band’s external website - so bands, please stop emailing us and asking if we can link to your band site because that’s not what that red link is - cool? cool. we shall never mention this again.)

Here's a song by Roomrunner - 1 of the 10 good bands playing this show. (Load time. It’s always been about page load time, guys.)

Dan Deacon is playing this place called the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Not sure, but I think this is one of those hip, quasi legal East Bushwick art-cum-living spaces I’ve been reading so much about in this zine called the New York Times. You better double check the yellow pages first before you go though. But if you DO go. Remember. DANCE AS SASSY AS YOU CAN.



Sunday - April 28th, 2013 A.D.

Vampire Weekend play Roseland. It’s sold-out. So you either have your ticket already and therefore already know they’re playing. Or, you don’t have your ticket and don’t care that they’re playing. I can never win with you. Regardless, here’s a very pleasant song. Please give me a second chance.

So this isn’t a show (STOP PUTTING US IN A BOX!!!! - JK, guys! - just a J to the K! - HA! LOL! LFMAFSOFO!). But The Bell House is doing a beefsteak today. Beefsteaks have been around for a hundred years. You eat a bunch of meat with your hands and drink a ton of beer. Medieval Times before Medieval Times, basically (but, you know, not before thee medieval times).

I highly recommend you read this classic Joseph Mitchell story from 1939 about beefsteaks, “All You Can Hold For Five Bucks.” That links to a PDF. It’s a long read. And worth it.


So that’s the week in Best Shows. Thanks for sharing your procrastination time with Oh My Rockness. We appreciate it and hope we haven't let you down. Wishing you all the best as you now go stare at something else.


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