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Single Mothers: you wanna get sloppy with me?

February 11, 2013

Single Mothers are a brutally fun band from London, Ontario. I tell you what. Something must be in the cold waters of Ontario these days because that frozen tundra keeps producing heavy hitting GUITAR bands that are loud and thrashy and brutally fun.... wait, did I say that already?

Like what other bands, Rockness? Great question, dear reader! Exhibit A: Metz. Exhibit B: The Soupcans. (sure, those two brutally fun bands are from Toronto - two hours away from London - and I really should have an Exhibit C - but it's close enough to get away with making a reasonably well-made observation.... I hope).

Single Mothers just straight-up blast it. Words are shouted. Strings are shredded. Sticks are gripped, fists are made, and drums are punched in the face. And the result is something sublimely spazzy.

If you're into all that - or if you just want to chill out on the synth-pop for a while (remember: moderation in all things) - you should let Single Mothers' noise overtake your body and explode your mind. You were tired of running your own body and having a properly working mind all these years anyway, right?

Single Mothers play The Studio at Webster Hall (with Big Ups - who are also really good) on Saturday, March 2nd.


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