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The Best Shows This Week

January 07, 2013
Well, I’m certainly glad the week after New Year’s is over with. We all tried to put a rosy spin on things but you and I both know that last week was weak. Good news. The shows get a little stronger this week. Now, don’t get me wrong. We’re not at mid-March level or anything. But we’re getting there. And mid-March level will come sooner than you think, friends. Sooner. Than. You. Think

Now, I don’t know about you but I personally don’t prefer to spend money on things. And for people of my particular persuasion, this week is pretty fine for FREE shows. And FREE shows means you don’t have to pay to get into them and you heard that here first. (unless you don’t ALL CAPS the word FREE, of course - then they charge you double).

There’s a FREE The Big Pink show going on - their guitars go pretty big time, guys (Le Baron - Tues - 1.8).

Ben Gibbard is doing a FREE thing at the Strand too. Unfortunately, this FREE only includes FREE songs and not FREE books. DAMN. (Strand - Wed - 1.9).

Neon Indian (DJ Set) and Class Actress and Erika Spring all get their FREE action on at the same time. And all three are good. So that’s convenient for you. (285 Kent - Thurs - 1.10)

And finally with the FREE thing, DIIV are playing for FREE too (Brooklyn Bowl - Sun - 1. 13).

There are quite a few YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GET IN shows too (if you don’t ALL CAPS it like that the venues also charge you to use the bathroom). Julian Lynch + Andrew Cedermark + Cassie Ramone = first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a quiet life of casual resentment. Oh wait. I mean, they’re all playing Glasslands (Tues - 1.8).

The Soft Moon rules pretty good, no? Yes. Because that band goes loud. And loud is always better than quiet. At shows. Everywhere else, quiet is definitely better. It’s not even a debate. (Tues - 1.8)

The #1 Most Popular upcoming show on Rockness is happening this week too. You know who decides what’s Most Popular? You do. And you say it’s Dirty Projectors at Carnegie Hall (Fri - 1.11). Wow. They must have practiced, practiced, practiced.

Some band called Morrissey is playing twice this week (BAM - Fri - 1.11. The Capitol Theatre. Sat - 1.12). Never heard of them.

Don’t you forget about Purity Ring, either (two times at Webster Hall - Fri - 1.11 + Sat. 1.12). You made a promise you would be exclusive to them forever at last year’s SXSW. Remember? Of course you do. Those things aren’t easily forgotten.

Some good up-and-comers this week too - Parquet Courts (Death by Audio - Fri - 1.11) + IO Echo (The Wellmont - Fri - 1.11) + The Denzels (Living Bread - Sat - 1.12) + funniest man alive Reggie Watts (Glasslands - Sun - 1.13) + Habibi (Death by Audio - Sun - 1.12) + Silent Drape Runners (The Bowery Electric - Sun - 1.13).

And there's some more good stuff too. I just arbitrarily ended there. I tend to do those things sometimes. So while the shows may not be at mid-March level yet - they’re managing juuuuust fine.



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