Oh My Rockness Concert Thing Alert!

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Oh My Rockness Concert Thing Alert!

November 07, 2012
Dear Friends-

We’re putting on one of those concert shows! It’s at Brooklyn Bowl on Monday, November 12th. It’s $5 (or FREE before 7pm). And it’s going to rule. Are we biased when we say this? Yeah. We’re biased. But bias happens when you ask three bands you really like to play a show at a venue you really like too. And this is our music blob thing, after all. So.... who’s playing?

#1 The Big Sleep is playing. Do you know them? I bet you do. Their guitars (and bass and drums) have ruled this land of ours for years. The Big Sleep’s thrillingly rocking album “Nature Experiments” came out earlier this year on Frenchkiss. It’s good. Real good. Did you like it? I bet you did. And they’re ALWAYS good and loud live. Fun fact: The Big Sleep played the very first Oh My Rockness show we ever did. That was at Brooklyn Lyceum in 2006 and if you were at that, you remember how the Radness was all around that random place (the free Sparks lent a helping hand in the mayhem too). So we’re really excited that The Big Sleep are playing. Because they rule. Not sure if we made that clear.

#2 Brooklyn’s The Denzels are playing. These guys rule (starting to notice the trend?). They’ll get some Glory too. This band knows how to write the pop-garage hooks. And let me tell you - writing hooks ain't easy, friends. Lots of bands try. But it takes Training Day after Training Day to do them right. But when hooks work - your band will be Unstoppable. The Denzels recently opened up for another band who know how to write the pop-garage hooks too - The Vaccines (a great pairing - but maybe they knew an Inside Man to get on that bill). So if you like The Vaccines, that's a good starting ground for the sound that The Denzels are rocking. I also hear some of The Strokes in these super melodic jams. But it's 2012 and my sources tell me it takes Courage Under Fire to still compare other bands to The Strokes. However, my sources can kiss my ass because I'm American Gangster like that. In closing, The Pelican Brief.

#3 Life Size Maps are playing. Guess what? They rule (WE CAN'T HELP IT!). They just played a show concert thing we did in October. And we were so impressed, we asked them back! Life Size Maps are a good and eccentric and befuddling and meandering band in the very best way. Using an array of traditional and non-traditional instruments (a car's metal suspension coil... a Steinway with screws in its strings...or weirdest of all, a cello!), this trio manages to create epically melodic noise rock unlike any other band I can really think of...except maybe Shudder to Think. I hear Shudder to Think. And vocalist Mike McKeever has a really good voice. I love singers who can actually sing. Don’t you love that too? Yeah. You do.

So come out to this concert show thing. Remember: Brooklyn Bowl. Remember: Monday, November 12th. Remember: $5 Remember: RULE. Remember: We Love You.

Love (again),

Oh My Rockness

Oh My Rockness Presents: The Big Sleep + The Denzels + Life Size Maps, at Brooklyn Bowl, on Monday, November 12th!


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