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Splash - it's like Madonna but with a dude and like without Madonna, dude.

August 6, 2012
Wow. This is a total time warp to the days of jelly shoes, name engraved metal bracelets, and Members Only jackets (the first time). When I first heard Splash I was sure this was some New Edition song from 1982. Then I was like, "No. Wait. Maybe this is Madonna’s band from 1983 minus Madonna." But then I thought Madonna probably never even had a band except for whatever studio musician was hanging out that day.

Then I was like, "Who am I kidding. I know this is a new band. I'm reading about them on Facebook for goodness sake. I just thought it would be fun to invent a scenario where I didn't know about Splash to give you a sense of their sound." Good times, right?

Anyway, Splash is a NEW band featuring Etienne Duguay. You might remember him as the former drummer for Real Estate. This doesn't sound like Real Estate. Just letting you know. This sounds like Tiffany minus Tiffany.

Now, there are music fans out there that seem to get REALLY upset when a band has a VERY similar sound to someone else's sound from long ago. I'm not one of those people. Because this completely poppy and synth-y party sound was a pretty good listen the first time around (not sure if Debbie Gibson holds up though) so why can't it be a good listen again?

I'm not interested in motivations here. I'm interested in jams. And Splash seem to be able to deliver the jams.

Splash + Ducktails + The Babies play for FREE @ McCarren Park.


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