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St. Lucia makes beautifully crafted synth-pop.

July 24, 2012
This is some darn good '80s inspired synth-pop, I'll tell you that much, bub. St. Lucia is the resplendently blissful pop project of Brooklyn's (via South Africa via England) Jean-Philip Grobler (live, he's got a band - just telling you that to manage expectations here). This is some of the happiest and catchiest electronic jams I've heard since I first fell for Chad Valley's stuff.

Actually, St. Lucia and Chad Valley should tour together. How do we make that joyful partnership happen? I'll help with the "promo," bros.

St. Lucia's 100% accessible music (that only god-forsaken MONSTERS wouldn't like) has also been compared to OMD. And you know who likes OMD? EVERYBODY. And hey, how about I throw out a little Rick Astley shout-out too? I think enough time has passed for me to do that with sincerity, don't you?

So to recap: St. Lucia's pretty much perfect synth-pop is like Chad Valley meets OMD meets Rick Astley.......... meets Fugazi. Hey now. Just kidding on that last one, bub (obviously I meant Pavement).

St. Lucia plays Hollywood Palladium, on Thursday, October 25th, and The Satellite, on Friday, October 26th.


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