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Scott & Charlene's Wedding - remember the name, kids.

June 4, 2012
Craig Dermody, the primary member of Scott & Charlene's Wedding, just moved to Brooklyn all the way from Melbourne. Now, anyone who moves across the globe for the sake of their art is a badass as far as I'm concerned. And that badass move is Australia's loss and New York's gain.

Dermody recruits a revolving assortment of friends (those pals include members of Family Portrait and Twerps) to make Scott & Charlene's Wedding, a band that makes lo-fi fuzzy laid-back messy garage punk that's casually addictive. I think all that just means they're really good.

Now let's play everyone's favorite game, "Band Comparisons!" Think maybe The Soft Pack meets Surf City meets Ty Segall. Oh yeah, if you are a fan of the Underwater Peoples record label (as I am), you most likely will be INTO Scott & Charlene's Wedding.

As mentioned, Scott & Charlene's Wedding are the new kids on the block (not to be confused with NKOTB) but they've already played some solid shows, most recently with Alex Bleeker and the Freaks. I expect good things from this up-and-coming band. Thanks for the loan, Australia. NYC's music scene owes you one.

Scott & Charlene's Wedding play Cake Shop, on Wednesday, June 13.


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