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Erika Spring writes the songs that make the whole world sing.

November 28, 2011
Erika Spring (Forster) has been in some good pop bands over the years. She was in Dirty on Purpose and then in Au Revoir Simone. Did you like those two bands? No, you don't have to answer... I know you did, mate. I know you did.

And now she's going solo. She was all like "screw those bands!" JK, guys. Just a "J" to the "K." But seriously, Erika Spring is laying down some easy and breezy hits. Hits, I tell you. Hits!

Think of her songs as being half sun pop and half haze pop. Wait, maybe that will make you think of smog (no, not Smog). And whatever this is, it's not smoggy.

The sun comes from Erika Spring's perfectly breathy vocal delivery. The haze comes from the drone-ish keys. But then what about the big time beats underneath all of this? What do the beats produce? Rain? Sleet? Snow? No, the beats are what produce the HITS. Don't you see? It's all so simple! The beats always lead to the hits!

Anyway, enough of this. Just go see Erika Spring. You'll be into it just like you were into Dirty on Purpose and Au Revoir Simone. Of course you were into those bands.

Erika Spring plays The Echo, on Wednesday, August 1st.


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