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Blouse = optimisic brooding?

September 12, 2011
One of Captured Tracks' latest signings (and Sub Pop too!), Blouse is a wonderfully moody female fronted pop trio from Portland that plays a mixture of '80s inspired synth-ness with just a touch (relax, a VERY little touch) of slow beach-y swirl.

Blouse's music manages to be somewhat brooding without even coming close to being sad. It's heavy without being haunting at all. Perhaps there's just a sense of ennui going on here, but the uplifting kind of ennui. Does that exist? Yes it does, because Blouse is creating it and I am hearing it.

There's definitely a retro John Hughes/Bret Easton Ellis sensibility going on here too. And you know, Blouse might just be something that would have been played in the mall at DEB circa 1986 while Aqua Net-haired patrons were shopping for something black and white and checkered (if no one remembers DEB, that's ok, you're not missing much).

Blouse should appeal to fans of Craft Spells, Puro Instinct, and maybe just a little bit of Beach House (relax already!).

Blouse plays Glasslands, on Thursday, September 15th, and at Shea Stadium, on Friday, September 16th.


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