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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in NYC

St. Vincent, Charli XCX, The Beths, Deerhoof, Amyl and the Sniffers, Yves Tumor, Porridge Radio, The Umbrellas, English Teacher, Make-Up, MUNA, Justice (2nd show) & more!

March 28, 2024

The great St. Vincent is playing two big time shows at beautiful Brooklyn Paramount this September with solid support from Yves Tumor.

New Zealand jump rope gazers The Beths are hopping across the world to play White Eagle Hall this fall. Please note: The Beths are the best.

Speaking of the other side of the world and Jersey City, Melbourne punks Amyl and the Sniffers also have a headlining date at White Eagle Hall (the night after opening for Foo Fighters at Citi Field).

Completely catchy San Francisco jangle popsters The Umbrellas are playing a bouncy show at The Broadway in June, rain or shine.

Dana Margolin, the songwriter behind Brighton indie rock band Porridge Radio, is doing a solo show at Baby's All Right. Sweet.

Wilco just added a third show at Beacon Theatre in June. Will go.

More solid Long Play Festival shows announced, including Sam Prekop & John McEntire (The Sea and Cake), Matmos, Deerhoof, Anna Meredith and Antipop Consortium. See the schedule (so far).

Fuzzy buzzy synth-y Leeds post ___ punks English Teacher are coming to Bowery Ballroom in June, so be sure to study up on you're (sic) grammar nice and good just in case your (sic) called on.

Charli XCX just announced a show at Knockdown Center in June, but it's already sold-out. Sorry. We didn't do it. We just blob here.

Foundational Discord D.C. post punks Make-Up are doing two shows at TV Eye this summer.

I know a place where L.A. indie popsters MUNA are recording their Gayotic podcast live (3 shows) with some special guests. Hint: the place rhymes with The Hell Mouse.

TX shoegazers Ringo Deathstarr are bringing their beautifully noisy melodic swirls to Berlin in May.

Electronic hero Vince Clarke (of Erasure/Yaz/Depeche Mode) is set to perform his album Songs of Silence in full at National Sawdust in May. Who do we want to go to this show with? Only you.

Justice (second show added), Nourished By Time, W.I.T.C.H., Wisp, Frail Body, Desertfest, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Maxwell, Haley Heynderickx, Princess Goes, Nailah Hunter, June McDoom, Twenty One Pilots, Spite Fuxxx, Old 97s, bôa (second show added), Korn, Slow Fiction, Loosey, Bowling for Soup, Upper Wilds, Fresh, Ogbert The Nerd, Annie Blackman, Snarls, The Frights, Dog Date, Desert Sharks, Heavy Halo, Jenny Slate, Hana Vu, Glimmer, Kevin McDonald, Whores, Forest Swords, Majorette, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Stray Cats, Pamphlets, Sadie Jean and more...



03/29 Desert Sharks, The Loneliers, Idlehood, Sangre @ bkONE Tom Kane Theater
03/29 Jerrod Carmichael @ The Bell House
03/30 Sam Weber, Sofia Wolfson @ Littlefield
04/02 Sedric Perry, Stella Gray, Zola Simone @ Baby's All Right
04/02 Ava Mendoza, Morgan Guerin, Milena Casado, Marshall Trammell, Darius Jones, Tomas Fujiwara @ Union Pool
04/03 Telly, Cherophobiac, Silver Liz, Abbie From Mars @ Purgatory
04/04 Push, Midnightchoir, Bunny X, Violet Sky @ Berlin
04/04 T!LT, Jenny Alien, Beeyotch, Femcel, Secret @ Gold Sounds
04/05 Cab Ellis, Not Enemies @ Baby's All Right
04/05 Takuya Nakamura @ Baby's All Right
04/05 Fang, Urban Waste, Skum City @ The Kingsland
04/06 Danny Krivit @ Good Room
04/06 Body Language (DJ set) @ Our Wicked Lady
04/06 Ellie Macphee, Angus Watt, Eliza Edens @ The Owl
04/07 Dhara, Nick Llerandi, RINN, Art Thief, Absurd Condition @ Our Wicked Lady
04/07 Sean Barna, Divorce Christmas, Diego Molina @ Sleepwalk
04/07 So Impartial, David AM, Zach Fischer @ Sundown
04/10 T Bone Burnett @ National Sawdust
04/12 Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Savage Pleasure, Lathe of Heaven, Cross @ Bar Freda
04/12 SUUVI @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
04/13 Upper Wilds, Vulture Feather, Parlor Walls, Cyanide Tooth @ ALPHAVILLE
04/13 Max Look & The Breakers, Mezclado, Charlie Kaplan, Ruby @ Union Pool
04/14 Spite Fuxxx, Hood Rats, Shop Talk @ Gold Sounds
04/14 Sean Barna, Joseph King, Bruisey Peets @ Sleepwalk
04/15 Cowardice, Cementation Anxiety @ TV EYE
04/16 Laur, Linda Gardens, Kira Metcalf, Zir Indigo @ Berlin
04/16 Tyler Hubbard @ National Sawdust
04/16 Jacob McKelvie, Annie Blackman, Eliza Edens, Tuxis Giant @ The Broadway
04/17 Whaat, Genuine Connection, Brodeo @ The Broadway
04/18 Spite Fuxxx, Nuclear Family Fantasy, Gal Fieri, Lizzy Young @ Berlin
04/18 Gabby's World, Kolezanka, Majorette @ Sundown
04/18 Oropendola, Rocketship, Abe Hollow @ The Owl
04/18 THIRST @ The Sultan Room
04/19 Brook Pridemore, Ace Bandage, Kung Fu Crime Wave, Milk St, Aisle Knot @ Bar Freda
04/19 Veronica Vasicka, Sepehr, Amelia Holt, JEK, adobeprincess, Downloadable Content @ Good Room
04/19 softspill, DD Island, Bobby Peppermint, Dallas Wax @ Main Drag Music
04/19 Girl Garçon, Coatie Pop @ Purgatory
04/20 Sadie Jean @ Baby's All Right
04/20 Ron Like Hell, Ryan Smith, Leonce, Keenan Orr, Kilopatrah Jones @ Basement NY
04/20 Slowspin, Rivulet, Grey McMurray @ The Owl
04/21 Sean Barna, E.W. Harris, Calicoco @ Sleepwalk
04/21 Louisa Stancioff, Allie @ Sundown
04/21 Upon a Burning Body, The Browning, VCTMS, Hollow Front @ The Meadows
04/21 Emma Frank, Kelly Schenk @ The Owl
04/21 Fair Visions, Whenwolves, Bold Doses @ Union Pool
04/23 Ryan Power, Alice Cohen, Tekla Peterson @ Sundown
04/24 President Evil, Heavy Halo, Kill Alters, Pain Annihilator @ TV EYE
04/25 Lion's Law, The Young Ones, Cran, Sikm, Veneno @ The Meadows
04/26 Taraneh, Scarlet Rae, Prints @ Mercury Lounge
04/26 Alex Lambert, Margo Valiante @ The Sultan Room
04/27 Lustsickpuppy, Prolaps, Rugi @ Baby's All Right
04/28 Moorea Masa & The Mood @ Elsewhere
04/28 River L. Ramirez, Peter Smith, Larry Owens, Sister Selva @ Littlefield
04/28 Sean Barna, Franz Nicolay @ Sleepwalk
05/01 Porridge Radio (solo) @ Baby's All Right
05/01 Wisp @ Bowery Ballroom
05/02 Sean McVerry, Madeleine McQueen @ Sleepwalk
05/02 Marc Maron @ The Wellmont Theater
05/03 Wisp, Panchiko @ Brooklyn Steel
05/03 chokecherry @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
05/03 Bang On A Can (plays Ryuichi Sakamoto's 1996), Ana Roxanne @ Roulette
05/03 Pamphlets, Colatura, Sharkswimmer @ The Broadway
05/04 Komodos, Obleek, Asi Kemera @ Mercury Lounge
05/04 Vince Clarke (of Depeche Mode) @ National Sawdust
05/04 Matmos, Arone Dyer, Qasim Naqvi @ Public Records
05/04 Darius Jones, Immanuel Wilkins, Jason Moran, Ligeti Quartet, Anna Meredith, Anna Webber @ Roulette
05/05 Dweller, Palamino, Fruit Dawg @ Bar Freda
05/05 Strawberry Sun, Seldon, True Jackson @ Mercury Lounge
05/05 Sam Prekop , John McEntire, Kate NV, The Soft Pink Truth, Maria Chavez (DJ), Josh Johnson, Chicago Underground Duo, Damu the Fudgemunk, Raw Poetic @ Public Records
05/05 Deerhoof, Eileen Myles, Ryan Sawyer + Steve Gunn Duo, Du Yun, OK Miss, The Jazz Passengers @ Roulette
05/05 Ace Bandage @ Scorpion Records
05/09 Bel, Sex Week @ Baby's All Right
05/10 Forest Claudette @ Union Pool
05/11 Funeral Doors, Vi Viana, Orca Bones, Sailor Boyfriend, Cyphvin @ Bar Freda
05/11 Mighty Fine, Lookout Honeys, False Starts @ Berlin
05/11 Meridian Brothers, Big Lazy @ Market Hotel
05/11 McKinley Dixon @ Mercury Lounge
05/11 infected Mushroom @ Webster Hall
05/12 Audien @ Avant Gardner
05/12 Mikaela Davis @ Baby's All Right
05/12 Whores @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/13 Sawyer Hill @ Baby's All Right
05/14 Miranda July @ First Unitarian Congregational Society
05/15 Miki Ratsula, Grace Gardner @ Baby's All Right
05/15 Nitefire, Monobloc @ Baby's All Right
05/15 Ben Beal, Delivery Boys, Aaron Veal @ Elsewhere
05/15 Hotel Iris, First President of Japan, NephewCube, Brian Kish Lounge Pants @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
05/15 Kait Warner, Spencer Peppet, The Women's National Hockey League @ Purgatory
05/15 Young Medicine, Danny Blu, Bangs, Heavy Halo @ The Kingsland
05/16 Doses, Roni, Slark Moan, Ambrose Getz @ Berlin
05/16 Loosey, Miranda and The Beat, Dog Date, Sliders @ Brooklyn Made
05/16 Baroness, Red Fang @ Stone Pony
05/19 Fixations, The Manimals, Timbre Coup @ Sleepwalk
05/20 Spectral Voice, Ruin Lust, Contaminated, Savage Pleasure @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/21 The Moth @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
05/22 Bright Light Bright Light @ C'mon Everybody
05/22 Incantation, Ringworm, Ascended Dead @ Market Hotel
05/24 Jenny Slate @ The Bell House
05/25 Jim Jones, Maino @ Racket
05/25 Alter of Eden, Lathe of Heaven, Savage Pleasure, Sin Offering @ TV EYE
05/26 Luke Vibert, Star Eyes, DJ Warp, Alien D, NIGELTHREETIMES, No Sir @ Good Room
05/26 The Zambonis, Dave Hill @ The Bowery Electric
05/30 Rob Tirea @ Elsewhere
05/30 Slow Fiction @ Union Pool
05/31 Drew McDowall (Coil/Psychic TV) @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
05/31 Squanderers, Wendy Eisenberg, David Grubbs, J. Pavone String Ensemble @ Public Records
06/01 Baba G (Disco Biscuits), Ben Atkind (ElephatProof), CLOUDCHORD, Rory O'Connor (Tycho), Horizon Wireless, BkellZ, Rob Madore (Px3) @ Brooklyn Made
06/01 Famous Logs in History, The Modern Airline, Business Turkey @ Mama Tried
06/01 Fishlord, Yung Sista, Fulano, Suzuki Methyd @ Purgatory
06/02 TV Moms, Wifeknife, TDA, The High Stride @ Gold Sounds
06/04 Chandler, Billy Marchiafava @ Baby's All Right
06/06 Snarls, Yasmin Nur @ Elsewhere
06/07 Fantastic Cat @ Brooklyn Made
06/07 urika's bedroom, tm, Patch @ Elsewhere
06/07 AIGEL @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
06/07 Alan Braufman @ National Sawdust
06/07 Dosser, Glimmer, Wax Girl @ Saint Vitus Bar
06/10 English Teacher @ Bowery Ballroom
06/10 Blood Club, Dustbowl Champion @ Saint Vitus Bar
06/11 Nourished By Time @ Bowery Ballroom
06/11 Charli XCX @ Knockdown Center
06/13 Morgan St. Jean @ Mercury Lounge
06/14 Forest Swords @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
06/14 Charles Esten @ Racket
06/14 The Umbrellas, The Smashing Times, Lightheaded @ The Broadway
06/14 Psycho Hill, Paloma Blanco, Moonwaves, Ghostwreck @ The Kingsland
06/15 Wavedash @ Elsewhere
06/15 Nicotine Dolls, Jared Benjamin @ Racket
06/16 Haley Heynderickx @ Baby's All Right
06/16 Mir Fontane, Caleborate @ Elsewhere
06/16 Outline in Color, Nightlife @ The Kingsland
06/16 David August (VĪS) @ The Opera House
06/17 Peach Tree Rascals, FIG @ Baby's All Right
06/17 Raccoon, Combat, This Holy Rodeo @ Stone Circle Theatre
06/18 Kossisko @ Baby's All Right
06/18 The Arcadian Wild @ The Sultan Room
06/19 Nailah Hunter, June McDoom @ Stone Circle Theatre
06/19 Marina Allen @ Union Pool
06/20 Snacktime @ Bowery Ballroom
06/20 Samara Joy @ Town Hall
06/21 Trixie Whitley (in the round), Moon Radio @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
06/22 Ares Kingdom, Primitive Warfare, Black Eucharist, Stress Angel @ TV EYE
06/24 Wilco, Cut Worms @ Beacon Theatre
06/26 Delilah Montagu @ Baby's All Right
06/27 Personal Damage, Lethal, Cruciform, Who Pays @ TV EYE
06/28 Steve Aoki @ Avant Gardner
06/28 Make-Up @ TV EYE
06/29 Make-Up @ TV EYE
06/29 The Frights @ White Eagle Hall
06/30 W.I.T.C.H., Rahill, Roge @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
06/30 Searows @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
07/01 Jhene Aiko, Coi Leray, Tink, UMI, Kiana Lede @ Barclays Center
07/04 Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Robert Plant, Alison Krauss, Maren Morris, Mavis Staples, Celisse @ Freedom Mortgage Pavilion
07/06 Fresh, Ogbert The Nerd, Um Jennifer? @ Elsewhere
07/06 Inside, Sainthood Reps, Fellow Project, Cell @ Massapequa VFW Hall
07/07 Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo @ The Vogel at Count Basie Theatre
07/10 Hobo Johnson & the Lovemakers @ Irving Plaza
07/12 jxdn, LØLØ, Gunnar @ Brooklyn Steel
07/12 Michael Franti & Spearhead, Trevor Hall @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
07/16 Frances Forever @ Baby's All Right
07/19 Kevin McDonald (Kids In The Hall) @ City Winery
07/20 Amyl and The Sniffers, Lambrini Girls @ White Eagle Hall
07/22 Hana Vu, Babebee @ Bowery Ballroom
07/23 Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo @ Beacon Theatre
07/23 Will Orchard, Jess Kerber, Ellie Macphee @ Mercury Lounge
07/26 Justice @ Brooklyn Navy Yard
07/26 Antipop Consortium @ Public Records
07/26 Nico Vega @ Racket
07/28 Iration, Pepper, DENM, Artikal Sound System @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
07/29 Will Linley @ Bowery Ballroom
08/01 Exciter, Midnight, Wraith, Hellwitch @ The Meadows
08/07 Princess Goes @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
08/08 Arms Akimbo @ Mercury Lounge
08/08 Still Woozy, MICHELLE @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
08/15 Stray Cats, The Midnight Cowgirls @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
08/31 Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Andy Frasco and the UN, Dogs In A Pile @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
09/05 Dead By April, Of Virtue @ Gramercy Theatre
09/06 Jon Batiste @ Radio City Music Hall
09/07 The Beths @ White Eagle Hall
09/10 St. Vincent, Yves Tumor @ Brooklyn Paramount
09/11 St. Vincent, Yves Tumor @ Brooklyn Paramount
09/12 Russian Circles, Acid King, Green Lung, Truckfighters, Dozer, Belzebong, DomKraft, Deathchant, Gozu, Kadabra, Hippie Death Cult, Abrams, GUHTS, and more! @ Knockdown Center
09/13 Old 97's @ Bowery Ballroom
09/13 Mau P, Baddest Behaviour @ Under the K Bridge Park
09/14 Old 97's @ Bowery Ballroom
09/15 Bowling for Soup, Wheatus, Don't Panic @ Irving Plaza
09/15 Skirting, Skorts @ Mama Tried
09/17 Twenty One Pilots @ Prudential Center
09/18 Twenty One Pilots @ Barclays Center
09/18 Stars @ Stone Pony
09/23 Korn, Gojira, Spiritbox @ Prudential Center
09/25 Maxwell, Jazmine Sullivan, October London @ Barclays Center
09/26 bôa, Rocket @ Warsaw
09/30 MUNA, and friends @ The Bell House
10/01 MUNA, and friends @ The Bell House
10/02 MUNA, and friends @ The Bell House
10/03 La Santa Grifa, Dharius @ Webster Hall
10/04 Ultra Sunn @ Saint Vitus Bar
10/06 Maxwell, Jazmine Sullivan, October London @ Prudential Center
10/09 Sodom, Hirax, Whiplash, Stress Angel @ The Brooklyn Monarch
10/25 Tiesto @ Forest Hills Stadium
10/26 Kathy Griffin @ Carnegie Hall
11/09 Caloncho @ Racket
11/15 Actors, Confines, Black Asteroid @ (Le) Poisson Rouge









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