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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in NYC

Julia Jacklin, Four Tet, The Feelies, Swans, The Dandy Warhols, Echo & The Bunnymen + NYE SHOWS and more!!

December 7, 2023


NJ jangle pop legends The Feelies are bringing their crazy rhythms to Racket this spring.

Speaking of Racket, you can help that lovely venue celebrate their big 1st birthday on NYE with DJs Alice Glass, Baths and more.

Speaking of NYE, check our excellent Guide to NYC New Year's Eve Shows. We think this year's options are pretty Auld Lang Sick.

New York Night Train's 15th Annual New Years Ball is happening at TV Eye with a bunch of fun rockin bands rockin in the rockin New Year.

A Place to Bury Strangers is helping to bring in the new year strong with a big time DJ set at Brooklyn Brewery on NYE.

LCD Soundsytem After Hours parties announced this weekend at Knockdown Center (after their shows) with a bunch of solid DJs providing the big time beats. Free entry with concert ticket.

Ethel Cain is one of the first shows announced for next year's Central Park Summerstage schedule. Summer shows: closer than they appear!

UK post ___ wave heavyweights Echo & The Bunnymen are coming to Brooklyn.

NYC experimental noise gods Swans are playing two hometown shows in May. No word yet if either Geese or Goose can glide onto this bill.

The Dandy Warhols are bringing their pop art to Webster Hall in March.

'90s era Amherst hardcore band Orchid have reunited (everybody screamo) and are playing their first NYC shows in over twenty (20) years.

London electronic hero Four Tet just announced a show at Warsaw next Friday and there's probably only like four tickets left or something.

Stellar Australian songwriter Julia Jacklin is doing a four-show residency at National Sawdust and you MUST go. (Consider this your pressure to party.)

Panchiko, Sweet Pill, Land of Talk, Matt Pryor (of The Get Up Kids), Taking Back Sunday, Robyn Hitchcock, Quicksand, Hot Water Music, Katy Kirby, Hoodoo Gurus, A Beacon School, Cheekface, Kevin Devine, Rodrigo Amarante, Ana Tijoux, Movements, Tigers Jaw, Dolly Spartans, Raavi, Peaer, GWAR, Insane Clown Posse (on a boat), Matt Pond, Makaya McCraven, Adam Ant, Kavinsky, El Perro Del Mar, Jennifer Vanilla, Laufey, Lion Babe, Yellow Days and more...

โฌ‡๏ธ THE FULL LIST โฌ‡๏ธ



12/07 Kill Alters, AFK, Fatboi Sharif, Rugirugz @ Trans-Pecos
12/08 Kolb, Scree, Carolyn Hietter, Antonin Fajt, Eddie Flamingo @ Brothers Wash & Dry
12/08 Juan MacLean (DJ), Tim Sweeney (DJ), Shit Robot (DJ), Kristine Barilli (DJ) @ Knockdown Center
12/08 The Pale Hand, Challice, Endtime Bookies @ Rubulad
12/08 Dino Expedition, Imaginary Tricks @ Stone Circle Theatre
12/08 Ben Special, Earth Dad @ The Broadway
12/08 Benben, Lily Mao (and The Resonators), Kissed By An Animal @ The Gutter
12/09 DJ Holographic, JDH & Dave P, Shit Robot, Kim Anh @ Knockdown Center
12/09 Um Jennifer?, Skorts, Surgeon General, Aggie Miller @ Rubulad
12/09 Climates, Deep Wimp, Balloon Snake @ The Bowery Electric
12/10 Heidi Lawden, Lovefingers, Masha Mar, Shit Robot, Matt Shaw @ Knockdown Center
12/10 Medium, Alertski, Spookystack, Estevan Munoz @ Saint Vitus Bar
12/11 Nofun, Sunchoked @ Sleepwalk
12/13 Dolly Spartans, Raavi, Margaux @ Baby's All Right
12/14 Junius Karr, Kid At The Corner, Painthorse @ Mercury Lounge
12/14 Vicious Fishes, Chico Raro, Underground River, Jeerleader @ Pianos
12/14 The Plebs, Nico Hedley, Miles Hewitt @ Union Pool
12/15 Katy Kirby, and more! @ Sundown
12/15 Rose of the World, Fake Pollocks, D.A. Crimson @ The Broadway
12/15 Four Tet @ Warsaw
12/16 Desert Sharks, Uncle Skunk, Trash Rabbit, Atlas Engine, A Very Special Episode, Star 80, Minaxi, Endearments, Talulah Paisley, Hit, Majorette, The Planes, Gorgeous, Sorry Darling, Cyclone Static, Awksymoron, Wifey @ Our Wicked Lady
12/16 Insane Clown Posse @ Rocks Off Concert Cruises
12/16 Mei Semones, William Alexander, Lionmilk @ Sundown
12/17 OrangePeelMystic, Origin of Speech, Maya Lucia, P.H.O. @ Union Pool
12/18 A Deer A Horse, Lung, Crush Fund, Beeyotch @ Our Wicked Lady
12/18 Little Slugger, Cousin Oven, Best Breakfast @ Sleepwalk
12/18 Visuals, Jachary, I'm Going To Marry Your Dad @ Sundown
12/20 Haus Holding, Big Scary Indian, Little Sun @ Our Wicked Lady
12/20 Sweet Spine, Turbo Goth, Sotvo @ Pianos
12/21 Ava McCoy, Creeping Charlie, Frances Baker @ ALPHAVILLE
12/21 Mei Semones, Eliza Edens @ Down & Out
12/21 Hexis, Midwest lust, Pain Chain @ Saint Vitus Bar
12/21 A Very Special Episode, Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, Onesie, Creek and Kills @ The Cobra Club
12/21 Derrick Brown, David Cross, Amber Tamblyn, Eugene Mirman, Janeane Garofalo @ Union Hall
12/22 Wiring, Jack Lynch, Big League Chew @ Heaven Can Wait
12/22 Royal Blush, Shane Pi, Good Deli @ Our Wicked Lady
12/28 Rest Ashore, Caitlin Starr, Semi-Auto @ Our Wicked Lady
12/29 Primitive Heart, Roost.World, Ken Fury, Bone Bone @ ALPHAVILLE
12/29 Trophy Wife, JVK, hi-fi @ Our Wicked Lady
12/30 SIN, Fistful of Steel, Lost in Echoes @ Saint Vitus Bar
12/31 A Place to Bury Strangers (DJ), Jesse Juno @ Brooklyn Brewery
12/31 Lion Babe @ Deluxx Fluxx
12/31 Dana Lu, Rich Medina, Tony Humphries @ Le Bain
12/31 Alice Glass (DJ set), Baths, Panther Modern, Pieri, and more! @ Racket
12/31 Preachermann and the Revival, Funkrust Brass Band, Les Sans Culottes, Viva's Rock & Roll Burlesque, and more! @ Rubulad
12/31 Kid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds, 95 Bulls, The Art Gray Noizz Quintet, The Wand-ers, Fabulous Roman Candles, Jonathan Toubin, Josh Styles, Darky Ramone, and more! @ TV EYE
01/03 Femcel, Theophobia, Mzztr @ TV EYE
01/04 Cheap Death, Dad, Nick Cage, Respirator @ Bar Freda
01/04 Marina Abramoviฤ‡, Katya Tylevich @ Barnes & Noble
01/04 Short Porch, Whaat, Funsucker, Egg Cream @ Gold Sounds
01/06 Chrome Waves @ The Kingsland
01/07 Verbal Assault, Incendiary Device, End of Hope @ Saint Vitus Bar
01/09 Alana Amram, ZZZwalk, Howlin' Hurd (of Daddy Long Legs), Patton Magee (of The Nude Party) @ Berlin
01/11 Francois K, Lauren Murada, Finn Jones @ Good Room
01/11 Lucia Zambetti, Bindy @ Mercury Lounge
01/12 Ronnie Stone, Emi Larraud, Connie Danger @ Mercury Lounge
01/13 Life of Agony, Prong @ Saint Vitus Bar
01/13 Tre Burt @ Sleepwalk
01/14 Zainab Johnson @ The Bell House
01/16 Alana Amram, Jairito Y La Onda, Jeff Clarke (of Black Lips), Amanda Khiri @ Berlin
01/18 Micky James, DUUNES, Nautics @ Elsewhere
01/18 Ringpop, Have Fun, Dweller, The Telling Time, Horrible Timing @ Gold Sounds
01/19 Slick Rick, DJ Kaos, The Slickettes @ Brooklyn Bowl
01/20 Mevius, A Place Both Wonderful and Strange @ TV EYE
01/21 Matt Pryor (of The Get Up Kids) @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
01/21 Greer Baxter, Molly Murphy, Daphne Eckman @ Mercury Lounge
01/21 Wince, Moxie Pocket @ Mercury Lounge
01/21 Gorilla Nems, Scram Jones, Mac Lethal @ The Meadows
01/22 Jane's Party @ Heaven Can Wait
01/24 Eye Flys @ Saint Vitus Bar
01/25 Majorette, Trace Mountains, Strawberry Runners @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
01/26 DYSTINCT @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
01/27 Eevie Echoes, Uncle Pizza, QIRL, Pop Music Fever Dream @ Gold Sounds
01/29 Chandler, Sophie Hunter, Zuri, Nanii Acosta, DJ Tuffluck @ Baby's All Right
01/30 Josephine, SUO, Adam Amram, Alana Amram @ Berlin
01/31 Sweetboy, Couvo, Emily Gabriele @ Mercury Lounge
02/02 Hannah Wants @ Elsewhere
02/02 The Thing @ TV EYE
02/03 LAMACCHIA, Light Tower, Bearchild, Campsite @ Bar Freda
02/03 My Favorite, Veda Rays, Monograms @ Berlin
02/03 Blockhead, Shrimpnose @ Elsewhere
02/04 Deadlands @ The Meadows
02/06 Knox, Maryjo @ Baby's All Right
02/09 sksksks, HANA (DJ) @ Elsewhere
02/09 Softcult, Superbloom @ Mercury Lounge
02/10 Jennifer Vanilla @ Public Records
02/11 Lea Bertucci, Matt Robidoux @ Roulette
02/16 Kevin Devine, Mansions @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
02/17 Edapollo @ Elsewhere
02/17 Matt Pond, Alexa Rose @ Union Pool
02/23 Enjambre @ Elsewhere
02/23 Haram, Taqbir, Kaleidoscope, Mirage, Suck @ TV EYE
02/24 Hvdes, Hi I'm Ghost @ The Meadows
02/28 Mehro @ Baby's All Right
03/01 The Ghost Club, Fuller @ Elsewhere
03/02 Circles Around The Sun, Mikaela Davis, Southern Star @ Brooklyn Bowl
03/02 Austin Millz @ Webster Hall
03/06 GWAR, Cancer Bats, X-Cops @ Starland Ballroom
03/06 Jake Scott @ Webster Hall
03/08 Glitterer, Glixen @ The Meadows
03/09 Project Pat @ Elsewhere
03/09 The Dandy Warhols, Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor @ Webster Hall
03/10 Nikki Glaser @ The Capitol Theatre
03/13 Kristiane @ Baby's All Right
03/15 Alessandro Cortini, Faten Kanaan @ Church of The Heavenly Rest
03/15 Forever Grey @ Saint Vitus Bar
03/15 Kavinsky @ Webster Hall
03/16 White Ford Bronco @ Bowery Ballroom
03/20 Rodrigo Amarante @ Joe's Pub
03/20 Rodrigo Amarante @ Joe's Pub
03/24 Ana Tijoux @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
03/26 Sam Roberts Band @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
03/27 Autoheart, argonaut&wasp, Raegan @ Racket
03/28 Daniel Allan @ Elsewhere
03/28 El Perro Del Mar @ Public Records
03/30 Kai Wachi @ Webster Hall
04/03 Discovery Zone @ TV EYE
04/06 Too Many Zooz @ Brooklyn Bowl
04/06 ThxSoMch @ Mercury Lounge
04/07 Adam Ant, The English Beat @ Palladium Times Square
04/08 Land of Talk @ Elsewhere
04/10 Ilana Glazer @ Beacon Theatre
04/10 The Ruen Brothers @ Mercury Lounge
04/12 The Feelies @ Racket
04/12 Movements, Tigers Jaw, Webbed Wing, Paerish @ The Paramount
04/13 Mariah the Scientist @ Terminal 5
04/14 Movements, Tigers Jaw, Webbed Wing, Paerish @ Starland Ballroom
04/14 A Beacon School @ TV EYE
04/19 Attila, Born of Osiris, Traitors, Extortionist @ The Brooklyn Monarch
04/23 Robyn Hitchcock @ White Eagle Hall
04/25 Makaya McCraven @ Blue Note
04/25 Makaya McCraven @ Blue Note
04/26 Makaya McCraven @ Blue Note
04/26 Makaya McCraven @ Blue Note
04/27 Makaya McCraven @ Blue Note
04/27 Makaya McCraven @ Blue Note
04/27 Francis Mercier @ Knockdown Center
04/28 Makaya McCraven @ Blue Note
04/28 Makaya McCraven @ Blue Note
05/03 Panchiko, Weatherday @ Brooklyn Steel
05/03 Laufey @ Radio City Music Hall
05/07 Architects, Of Mice & Men, While She Sleeps @ Brooklyn Paramount
05/09 Sweet Pill, Equipment, Taking Meds @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
05/09 Julia Jacklin @ National Sawdust
05/09 Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Frozen Soul @ The Wellmont Theater
05/10 Cheekface, yungatita @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
05/10 Orchid @ Warsaw
05/11 Hot Water Music, Quicksand, Modern Life is War, The Ergs @ Brooklyn Paramount
05/11 Orchid @ Warsaw
05/15 Julia Jacklin @ National Sawdust
05/16 Evangelia @ Bowery Ballroom
05/16 David Sedaris @ Kings Theatre
05/16 Swans, Kristof Hahn @ Racket
05/16 Sierra Ferrell, Jake Kohn @ Webster Hall
05/17 Echo & The Bunnymen @ Brooklyn Steel
05/17 Swans, Kristof Hahn @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
05/17 Jharis Yokley, Bigyuki @ Nublu
05/20 Yellow Days @ Elsewhere
05/22 Julia Jacklin @ National Sawdust
05/22 Sleep Token @ Radio City Music Hall
05/28 Extortion, Iron Lung, Sissy Spacek, Skullshitter, Fluoride @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/29 Julia Jacklin @ National Sawdust
06/01 Urban Blight @ Racket
06/01 The Outcasts, The Pist, The Babyshakes, Dark Thoughts @ The Meadows
06/02 Battle Beast, Blackbriar @ Gramercy Theatre
06/05 Reverend Horton Heat, The Surfajettes @ White Eagle Hall
06/19 The Teskey Brothers, Trousdale @ Brooklyn Paramount
06/22 Ocean Alley, The Grogans @ Irving Plaza
06/27 Ethel Cain @ Central Park SummerStage
08/17 Taking Back Sunday, Citizen @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
09/14 Hoodoo Gurus @ Racket









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