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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in NYC

Belle & Sebastian, Chastity Belt, Osees, Los Campesinos!, Conor Oberst, Mannequin Pussy, Peter Hook & The Light, PinkPantheress, Porno For Pyros, Frankie Cosmos, Laetitia Sadier, Colleen Green, Cassie Ramone, SPRINTS, 79.5 & more!

November 16, 2023


Soon-to-open new/classic venue Brooklyn Paramount just added two big time shows to their initial opening schedule. (HINT: it's Belle & Sebastian and PinkPantheress)

Illinoise, a new music-theater production based on the Sufjan Stevens album, is coming to NYC. Come on! Feel it!

Osees (aka OCS, Orange County Sound, The Ohsees, Orinoka Crash Suite, The Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees, Oh Sees) are coming back in 2024 A.D. to play two at Warsaw. RIYL: the punk rock (aka punkrock / thee punkrock).

Porno For Pyros are playing 3 NYC-area reunion shows (rescheduled and for real this time). Note: please leave your pets at home.

Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes) is doing an April residency at Bowery Ballroom. A little uncanny, but we were just thinking how we were overdue to see him live.

Cat Power sings Bob Dylan's 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert in NJ and NYC this February. Tickets go on sale in the jingle jangle morning.

Beloved Brooklyn indie rockers Frankie Cosmos are playing Baby's All Right on New Year's Eve Eve Eve.

Miss 'em last night? That's okay! Buzzy Dublin post ___ punks SPRINTS are returning to NYC in the spring. Tickets will probably go FAST.

Seattle rockers Chastity Belt are playing Warsaw. Please note: Chastity Belt rules.

Laetitia Sadier (of Stereolab) is playing a rare solo show at National Sawdust this spring. Come for the dots, stay for the loops.

Stellar indie rockers Colleen Green and Cassie Ramone (of Vivian Girls) team up for a solid bill at Saint Vitus Bar.

Peter Hook (of New Order/Joy Division) & The Light are already getting ready to illuminate Brooklyn Steel next year.

Sick Philly punks Mannequin Pussy just announced a Brooklyn Steel show with similarly sick Philly punks Soul Glo.

Rising NYC disco/psych/soul crew 79.5 are headlining Public Records in December if you are interested in getting this party started.

Joyful Welsh indie pop collective Los Campesinos! have a Brooklyn date on the docket for next year. You! Me! Dancing! June!

Heavenly (second show added), Pantera, Joe Hisaishi, Constant Smiles, Provoker, Sedona, No Vacation, Steve Earle, Molly Lewis, This Is The Kit, Shilpa Ray, Flossing, Mary Shelley, Mom Jeans, Two-Man Giant Squid, The Weather Station, Jess Williamson, Galactic, Matisyahu, Rick Maguire (of Pile), Poolside, Twin Temple and more...




11/16 Bad Vacation, Jimi Lucid, Jade Tourniquet, Lowballer @ Home Sweet Home
11/16 Eric Umble, Lauren Flax, Rose Kourts @ Nowadays
11/16 Misty Xelibri, Charlie Schine, Mechanical Sympathy, Cal Fish, Hi I'm Home @ The Living Gallery
11/17 Jo Mercado, American Water, Trash Rabbit @ Hart Bar
11/17 DJ Mark Gertz, Heavy Halo, DJ Supes Base @ Saint Vitus Bar
11/17 Kirin McElwain, Matthew Ryals, Mike Clemow, Travie, 'nguento, Photon Bath @ Trans-Pecos
11/17 Muerte Permanente, Agrio, Askeados, Kartel, T.O.Y.S. @ TV EYE
11/18 Semaphore, Backflips, Sun Run, Kia De Amedha, Strega Nona, Mirrorxlake @ Hart Bar
11/19 Occupy the Disco @ Le Bain
11/19 Slic, VIM, Velvet Dreaming, Janelovesu!, Idkmybffjill @ Purgatory
11/19 Adam Saifer (as Fall Out Boy), It's Britney Bitch (as Britney Spears), Punk Rock For Pussies (as Ben Folds Five), Karabas Barabas (as Ween), Butthole University (as Billy Idol) @ Stone Circle Theatre
11/19 Patti, Radio Shock, 973 Future Yook @ The Broadway
11/19 Saturn Lavender, Cal Fish, blackberry Knuckleduster, Tricycle, Haitlin, Skinkittenz @ Trans-Pecos
11/21 Cool Whip, Marit Olivia, Holmes Duo, Names Divine @ Union Pool
11/22 Reagan Holiday, Kissbreaker, Mercy, Milkman's Molotov @ Hart Bar
11/22 Kush Jones, DJ Swisha, AceMo, MoMA Ready @ Nowadays
11/25 Aim For The Bushes, QIRL, Karaoke Mood Killer, That Bat Kid @ ALPHAVILLE
11/26 Skorts, Dr. Ex & The Break-Ups, Bang Bang Band Girl, Habbina Habbina @ Our Wicked Lady
11/27 Duke of Vandals, Teenage Bigfoot, Power Trash @ East Williamsburg Econo Lodge
11/28 Leslie Odom Jr. @ National Sawdust
11/28 Iron Axxis, Lady Alice, Holy Wisdom LLC, Paloma Chismosa @ TV EYE
11/29 Leon Thomas @ Baby's All Right
11/29 Sid Simons @ Mercury Lounge
11/30 Eli Waltz, Blue Yonder, Wolf Van Elfmand, Emily Frembgen @ ALPHAVILLE
11/30 Yard, Figure of Fun, Luci @ Purgatory
12/01 Ringing, Welp!, Rotundos, Drobakid @ ALPHAVILLE
12/01 Megan Stalter @ The Bell House
12/01 SPY, Combust, Blame God @ TV EYE
12/01 One Way Out, The Kippers, The Stepford Wives, Circuit Y, Mudskip @ TV EYE
12/02 Starfox, Laurel Canyon @ Gold Sounds
12/02 The Gansett Set, Aalisha, Honeysucker, The Shining Hours @ The Broadway
12/03 Syd Lewis, Jarvis Jamar, Sound Solstice @ Bar Freda
12/03 Miriam Elhajli, Betsy Soukup, Nola Sporn Smith, The Cradle, Jesi Cook, Sika Foyer @ Stone Circle Theatre
12/03 Discreet Charms, Theee Retail Simps, Emily Robb, Lux Apt @ The Broadway
12/03 Steve Earle, John Mellencamp, and more! @ Town Hall
12/04 Dreamphone, Art Thief, Nicole Davis @ Our Wicked Lady
12/04 C. Spencer Yeh, Charlie Looker, Mariel Roberts, Cory Bracken @ Sundown
12/05 Bad Kitty, Rx Sneakers @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
12/05 Constant Smiles, Katy Rea, Frances Chang @ Union Pool
12/06 Libby Quinn, Cold Court, Cohort B @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
12/06 Mary Shelley, Wetsuit, Redbud, Brodeo, Go Home @ Our Wicked Lady
12/07 Donnie Gumbo, DJ Silky Smooth, Musical Chairs, Neuro Fuzzy @ ALPHAVILLE
12/07 Cat Casual, Mooncult, Clancy @ Our Wicked Lady
12/08 Cowboy Malfoy, Ethan Beck and the Charlie Browns, 3rd Ave @ ALPHAVILLE
12/08 Michael Hollis, The Road To Ruin, Dustin Lowman @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
12/08 Superswell, Catatonic Suns, Peroxide Blonde, Xavier Ayy @ Gold Sounds
12/08 Mella Dee, Sister Zo, Day Cart, Wig-Wam, Amelia Holt, Sepehr @ Good Room
12/08 Glom, Mx Lonely, Velvet, Glimmer @ Pianos
12/08 Riley McBride, Ruby Lou, Francie Moon, Balaclava @ Purgatory
12/09 Closebye @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
12/09 That Handsome Devil, West Division, Smith Taylor @ The Broadway
12/09 Purling Hiss, Ryan Davis, The Roadhouse Band, Home Blitz @ Union Pool
12/10 Blak Emoji, Bird Streets, SKARLIT @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
12/10 Carmen Rothwell, Panther Hollow, Camilla Ortiz @ The Owl
12/10 Cole Lumpkin, Leo Coletrane, Jake Marsh, Claire Nichols @ The Sultan Room
12/10 Setting, Loren Connors, Alan Licht @ Union Pool
12/13 Satan's Satyrs @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
12/14 Glen E. Friedman, Brian Baker (of Minor Threat), Lyle Preslar (of Minor Threat), Johnny Temple @ Rough Trade NYC
12/15 High Waisted, Fiona Silver, First President of Japan @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
12/15 Drifter, Satanism⁠ @ Main Drag Music
12/15 Sarmat @ Saint Vitus Bar
12/15 Panik Flower, Dogs On Shady Lane, Trophy Wife @ Union Pool
12/17 Colleen Green, Cassie Ramone @ Saint Vitus Bar
12/17 Louisa Mei, Camille Schmidt, Adelyn Strei @ The Owl
12/18 Dead Gowns, H. Pruz, Wyatt Davidick, Avery Friedman @ Purgatory
12/18 Lily Konigsberg, Cal Fish, dreamTX, Multiple People, LIAm @ Stone Circle Theatre
12/21 79.5, Victor Axelrod (DJ) @ Public Records
12/21 Midtown, Piebald, Houston Calls, Save Face @ The Wellmont Theater
12/29 Frankie Cosmos, Market, Talulah Paisley @ Baby's All Right
12/29 Maya Jane Coles, Jacques Greene, Vivian Wang, Miane, Niia Guerra, TexassAngell, Xana 101, nasir mf. @ Elsewhere
12/30 Flossing, Ekko Astral, Pop Music Fever Dream, Star's Revenge @ Our Wicked Lady
12/30 Machinedrum @ The Brooklyn Monarch
01/04 Bearcat, Vileblood, Fruitbat, Andi @ Bossa Nova Civic Club
01/05 Stephen Becker, Shutter, Chelsea Crabtree @ The Owl
01/06 Goldfeather, Fun Facts, Flat Mary Road @ The Sultan Room
01/10 Rick Maguire (of Pile) @ The Broadway
01/11 JC and the Big Juicy, Nome Sane, Russell James @ Bar Freda
01/11 Leæther Strip, Damascus Knives @ TV EYE
01/12 Riki, Coatie Pop @ Saint Vitus Bar
01/18 Sedona, Scarlet Rae @ Baby's All Right
01/19 Sunsquabi, parkbreezy @ Brooklyn Made
01/19 Harriet Stubbs @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
01/19 Two-Man Giant Squid, the LVP, Skorts, Short Porch @ The Broadway
01/19 Pawpaw Rod @ The Sultan Room
01/20 Covey, Sweetbreads, Wetsuit @ Baby's All Right
01/20 Shilpa Ray, Shop Talk, Calamity Glamour @ TV EYE
01/25 Searows @ Mercury Lounge
01/26 The Bones of JR Jones @ Baby's All Right
01/26 The Chisel, Home Front, Beton Arme, Abism @ Bowery Ballroom
01/26 Galactic @ Brooklyn Bowl
01/27 The O'Fucchs, Comfort Cat, Jester of No Court, Catch Me If You Can @ Bar Freda
01/27 Galactic @ Brooklyn Bowl
02/03 Dr. Fresch, Habstrakt @ Avant Gardner
02/03 Caligula's Horse @ Gramercy Theatre
02/03 Blanke, AEON:MODE @ Webster Hall
02/04 Chance Peña @ Baby's All Right
02/08 Bailen, Esme Patterson @ Murmrr Theatre
02/09 Peekaboo, Lyny @ Brooklyn Steel
02/09 Ali Gatie @ Irving Plaza
02/09 No Vacation @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
02/09 Tinashe @ Terminal 5
02/10 Ali Gatie @ Warsaw
02/11 Jeromes Dream, Sinaloa, THIN @ Saint Vitus Bar
02/12 Cat Power (sings Dylan) @ The Vogel at Count Basie Theatre
02/13 Tina Fey, Amy Poehler @ Beacon Theatre
02/14 Tina Fey, Amy Poehler @ Beacon Theatre
02/17 Poolside, Paco Versailles, Munya @ Brooklyn Steel
02/17 Flogging Molly, Amigo the Devil, Gen and the Degenerates @ The Wellmont Theater
02/18 Phora @ Market Hotel
02/18 Woah @ Mercury Lounge
02/19 Gavin Magnus @ Baby's All Right
02/21 This Is The Kit, Sam Amidon @ Murmrr Theatre
02/22 Pantera, Lamb of God @ Madison Square Garden
02/22 Todd Barry @ White Eagle Hall
02/24 Jess Williamson @ Bowery Ballroom
02/24 Patton Oswalt @ City Winery
02/24 Patton Oswalt @ City Winery
02/25 Flogging Molly, Amigo the Devil, Gen and the Degenerates @ The Paramount
02/29 Twin Temple, VOWWS @ Webster Hall
03/01 Madi Diaz @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
03/02 Provoker, Kumo 99 @ Baby's All Right
03/02 Golden Features @ Elsewhere
03/02 Illinoise @ Park Avenue Armory
03/04 Illinoise @ Park Avenue Armory
03/05 Illinoise @ Park Avenue Armory
03/06 Molly Lewis @ Bowery Ballroom
03/06 Pub Choir @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
03/06 Illinoise @ Park Avenue Armory
03/07 Porno For Pyros @ The Capitol Theatre
03/08 Midnight North, The Mother Hips @ Brooklyn Bowl
03/08 Louis Cole, Chris Fishman, Nate Wood @ Brooklyn Steel
03/08 Porno For Pyros @ Hammerstein Ballroom
03/10 Porno For Pyros @ The Wellmont Theater
03/12 Kelsey Karter @ Mercury Lounge
03/14 Sky-Pony, Lakes @ Mercury Lounge
03/15 Natalie Jane @ Racket
03/15 Mom Jeans, Summer Salt, Hunny @ Starland Ballroom
03/16 The Rocket Summer @ Elsewhere
03/16 Mom Jeans, Summer Salt, Hunny @ Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall
03/18 Hatis Noit, Sheherazaad @ Pioneer Works
03/19 Jon Batiste @ Beacon Theatre
03/20 Laetitia Sadier (of Stereolab) @ National Sawdust
03/21 Emmylou Harris @ The Capitol Theatre
03/22 SPRINTS @ Elsewhere
03/22 Post Sex Nachos @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
03/22 Molly Grace, Eva Westphal @ The Sultan Room
03/22 Julian Lage @ Town Hall
03/23 Matisyahu, Cydeways @ Brooklyn Steel
03/23 Kneecap @ Warsaw
03/28 Marz23 @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
03/29 MITIS @ Terminal 5
04/04 Conor Oberst (and friends) @ Bowery Ballroom
04/05 Nils Hoffmann @ Elsewhere
04/05 Shovels and Rope, Al Olender @ White Eagle Hall
04/07 Tiny Habits @ Irving Plaza
04/11 Conor Oberst (and friends) @ Bowery Ballroom
04/14 PinkPantheress, Bktherula @ Brooklyn Paramount
04/18 Conor Oberst (and friends) @ Bowery Ballroom
04/19 Judas Priest, Sabaton @ Prudential Center
04/21 Slow Hollows, Computerwife @ Baby's All Right
04/25 Conor Oberst (and friends) @ Bowery Ballroom
04/26 Chris Cresswell, Dave Ross, Maxwell Stern @ Saint Vitus Bar
04/30 Ash @ Webster Hall
05/01 Belle & Sebastian, The Weather Station @ Brooklyn Paramount
05/01 Royel Otis, Girl and Girl @ Racket
05/07 Chastity Belt @ Warsaw
05/10 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets @ Webster Hall
05/11 Lewis OfMan @ Webster Hall
05/16 Mannequin Pussy, Soul Glo @ Brooklyn Steel
05/22 Matthew Logan Vasquez @ Baby's All Right
05/23 SiM, Fame on Fire, Within Destruction @ Irving Plaza
05/31 Heavenly @ Market Hotel
06/15 Los Campesinos! @ Warsaw
07/11 Joe Hisaishi (symphonic concert) @ Madison Square Garden
07/12 Joe Hisaishi (symphonic concert) @ Madison Square Garden
07/25 O.A.R., Fitz and the Tantrums @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
07/26 AJR @ Madison Square Garden
07/26 O.A.R., Fitz and the Tantrums @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
07/27 AJR @ Madison Square Garden
07/27 Sammy Hagar, Loverboy @ PNC Bank Arts Center
09/06 Peter Hook & The Light @ Brooklyn Steel
10/24 Osees @ Warsaw
10/25 Osees @ Warsaw









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