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Miami Horror take their talents on tour....South Beach (probably) included.

March 21, 2011
Another master remixer making good on his own, Miami Horror is the production/band project of Melbourne's Benjamin Plant.

Before getting this full-on neon party band together, Plant made his name remixing for other bands, like The Presets, Bloc Party and Datarock. But this dude has too many sweet original beats to keep attaching them to other people's jams.

So as the band Miami Horror (which has live instruments and stuff... not just laptops), Plant and three other dudes create electro-disco-soul-hop-pop. It's party music that doesn't suck. And that's not an easy thing to create.

Miami Horror is for fans of LCD Soundsystem, Cut Copy, Don Johnson, lovers of drinks with plastic umbrellas in them, and Jacko.

You will also be particularly drawn to Miami Horror if you like lots of machine-made hand claps in your songs. And who doesn't like machine-made hand claps, really? Sad sacks. That's who.

Miami Horror plays Knitting Factory Brooklyn, on Monday, March 28th, and Mercury Lounge, on Tuesday, March 29th.


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