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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in NYC

Pixies, Modest Mouse, Cat Power, The Chats, The Beths, Sylvan Esso, Iron & Wine (free), Run The Jewels, Tanlines, SUSU, Elvis Costello, James Murphy, SQÜRL (ft. Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan), Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol, Bush Tetras, Mount Eerie & more!

March 30, 2023


GOOD NEWS FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE BAND NEWS: Pixies, Modest Mouse and Cat Power (!) are playing two rooftop shows in NYC this summer. This show could be the greatest. Where is my mind? More like where is my wallet! (tickets)

Legend has it that Run the Jewels are running through each of their four acclaimed albums over four sparkling nights at Terminal 5.

RSVP to Sound Mind's *free* outdoor Music Fest for Mental Health in Bushwick this spring with performances by Iron & Wine, Hiss Golden Messenger, Langhorne Slim and more musical goodness. (Don't wait to RSVP; we only have so many endless numbered days left.)

An OMR favorite is doing three shows in Brooklyn this fall. Hint: it's The Beths!

Nick Cave just added an additional NYC show to his upcoming solo tour. Tell them your name is Love and to let you in.

Smashing Pumpkins and Interpol are touring together this summer. Should've called this one the Mellon Collie and the Infinite Antics Tour. (tickets)

The great Tanlines are playing their first NYC show in like 7 years (!) this June and all of me recommends attending and dancing at this rooftop party.

Fuzzy Australian garage punks The Chats are coming to Knockdown Center right after they finish their smoko.

NYC post punk/No Wave legends Bush Tetras are playing Union Pool in May and you can't be funky unless you go to this.

Phil Elverum's Mount Eerie is playing Pioneer Works as part of the Long Play Festival. Microphone(s) check 1-2 1-2....

SQÜRL (ft. Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan) are doing a special intimate show at the iconic Rainbow Room in May. To get there, take the mystery train.

Danceable Durham indie popsters Sylvan Esso are especially set to headline Forest Hills Stadium this September with solid support from Goth Babe and Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul.

SUSU and Lion Babe headline Prophets Over Profit's all-day Femme Forward Festival (Comedy, Art, Music) in Greenpoint's arts district on 4/1. All proceeds donated to Girls Write Now.

Elvis will enter the building (Beacon Theatre) this July. (tickets)

James Murphy is doing a DJ set at Good Room later this month. Call the police.

cumgirl8, The War On Drugs, Duster, Glüme, Rare DM, Jess Williamson, Billy Woods, Peter Murphy (Celebrating David Bowie), Jungle, Owl City, The Marked Men, Colleen Green, Scowl, Screaming Females, Stuck, MSPAINT, Social Distortion, Tim Heidecker, Son Volt, Those Pretty Wrongs, Califone and more...




03/31 Fcukers @ Baby's All Right
03/31 Glume, Orion, Rare DM @ Chelsea Music Hall
03/31 Speaker Music, Ka Baird, Henry Fraser, Qasim Naqvi, Grey McMurray, Dark Rose @ Trans-Pecos
04/01 SUSU, Lion Babe, Big Body, Kweeng, Miss Sabado, Synead, Enomoto @ 25 Franklin St
04/01 Kala and The Lost Tribe, DJ Laylo, Linda Diaz @ Brooklyn Museum
04/01 The Wearing Hands, Cancel, AK & the Hallucinations, Alertski @ Heaven Can Wait
04/01 Alec Spiegelman, Bim Tyler, Joseph Keckler @ The Owl
04/02 Davido @ Irving Plaza
04/03 Denise, Little Hag, Emma Blue Jeans, Um Jennifer @ Purgatory
04/04 Tula Vera, Pons, Cronies, CS Cleaners, Joel Ronson (DJ) @ Heaven Can Wait
04/04 Joanna Mattrey, Zosha Warpeha & Webb Crawford, Alyssa Rodriguez @ Sisters
04/05 Kevin Garrett @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
04/05 Ray Bull, Pleasure Prince, Grumpy @ Trans-Pecos
04/06 Scowl @ Rough Trade NYC
04/06 Eve Beglarian, Jim Fletcher, James Moore, Andie Tanning, Andrew Yee @ Sisters
04/06 Cel Genesis, estoc, Oceane, coi_n, Kissbreaker, Zacarama! @ Trans-Pecos
04/07 Locations, Reclining Nude, Free Whenever, Lennee @ Hart Bar
04/07 Body Language, The Homies @ Our Wicked Lady
04/07 Coach Chris, Sekucci, Oscar Nñ @ SILO Brooklyn
04/08 The Carry Nation @ Good Room
04/08 Qualiatik, Dasychira, Heavy Halo (Hardware Set), Dani Rev, Akafae @ Market Hotel
04/08 AceMo, Savile, Yuniemo, Shenel Johns @ Public Records
04/08 Katy Pinke, Keyanna Hutchinson, Irrevery, Katy The Kyng, Dida Pelled, Joanna Sternberg @ The Owl
04/08 Hnry Flwr, Big Girl, Colatura @ Union Pool
04/09 Indigaux, Malcriado, reya flowers, Wormmother @ Purgatory
04/09 Bella Lista, Anjali Rose, Kira McSpice @ Trans-Pecos
04/09 Emily Panic, Clare O'Kane, Joe Zimmerman, Julia Shiplett, Tina Friml, Alex English, Chanel Ali @ Union Pool
04/11 Julia Pratt, Shallow Pools, Doublecamp, Handsome Ghost @ Mercury Lounge
04/12 Issei Herr, Ohyung, Princess Princess, The Illustrious Pearl, Ex Wiish, Concrete Husband @ Trans-Pecos
04/13 Hotel Iris, Madam West, QIRL, Eevie Echoes @ Bar Freda
04/13 Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Elisa Harkins, Marcela Torres @ Performance Space New York
04/13 Sweet Dreams Nadine, youbet, Frances Chang @ Purgatory
04/14 Lauren Flax, DJ Rolando, Clark Price, Samuel Fish @ H0L0
04/14 Laszlo and the Hidden Strength, Gods Wisdom, Jake Lazovick @ Union Pool
04/15 Anja Schneider, Fort Romeau, Nikita @ SILO Brooklyn
04/15 Luciform, Metamyther, Void, Necco Moon @ Trans-Pecos
04/16 Duster, Truth Club @ Bowery Ballroom
04/16 Wes Ambien, Mope, Starcleaner Reunion, Waterfall Strainer @ Heaven Can Wait
04/16 Out Of The Blue (screening), U.S. Girls (Q & A) @ The Roxy Hotel
04/16 Natalie Barth, Calista Garcia, Sweetboy @ The Sultan Room
04/17 Peter Murphy, Adrian Belew, Scrote, Royston Langdon, Eric Schermerhorn, Ron Dziubla, Matt McJunkins, Jeff Friedl @ Bergen PAC
04/17 Seph Nomad, Robscure, Chuck Acid, Frankie Linstrom @ Gold Sounds
04/18 Laurel Canyon @ Mercury Lounge
04/19 Kira Metcalf, Linda Gardens, Sick Din, Nebula the Velvet Queen @ Bar Freda
04/19 Ace Bandage, Quartz Casino Band, DJ Eat Records @ Hart Bar
04/19 Jeremy and the Harlequins, Johnny Couch, Super Blush @ Our Wicked Lady
04/19 Lily Talmers, Peaceful Faces, Pip the Band @ Purgatory
04/19 Kara Jackson @ Sleepwalk
04/19 Those Pretty Wrongs (Jody Stephens of Big Star + Luther Russell of The Freewheelers), Brower @ Union Pool
04/20 The Piggies, Chillemi, Illuminated Sidewalks @ Main Drag Music
04/20 cumgirl8 @ Nublu
04/20 The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Each Other, Motel Club @ Public Records
04/20 Sister Nancy @ Superior Ingredients
04/21 Francois K @ Baby's All Right
04/21 Petting Zoo @ Mercury Lounge
04/21 Joeski, Steve Bug, alexander:louis @ SILO Brooklyn
04/21 DV-i, Purp, Xana 101, Angelkitten, Gall Sac @ Trans-Pecos
04/22 Peter Murphy, Adrian Belew, Scrote, Royston Langdon, Eric Schermerhorn, Ron Dziubla, Matt McJunkins, Jeff Friedl @ St. George Theater
04/22 Julia Easterlin @ The Owl
04/24 Meth Wax, Monsoon, HUX @ Baby's All Right
04/25 Tanners, Boy Jr., Cecilia Gault @ The Sultan Room
04/25 Catcher, Dead Tooth, Not From England, Lazylazy @ TV EYE
04/26 Mutual Benefit, Crosslegged, Adam Lytle @ Berlin
04/26 Aux Blood, CS Cleaners, Foreign Body, Hit @ Trans-Pecos
04/27 James Murphy, Tom of England @ Good Room
04/27 Sara Devoe, Sue Your Landlord, Makeout City @ Heaven Can Wait
04/27 PYNKIE, Rachel Lime, Silver Liz, Looms @ The Bowery Electric
04/28 Palamino, Awful Din @ Bar Freda
04/28 BODYSYNC, sillygirlcarmen, jackLNDN @ SILO Brooklyn
04/29 Hotline TNT, Toner @ Baby's All Right
04/29 Jon and the Projectors, Leo Coltrane, Pleasant Peasant @ Bar Freda
04/29 Joeyy, crimson//chaos @ Elsewhere
05/01 Ricky Gervais @ Beacon Theatre
05/01 Breakup Shoes @ Brooklyn Made
05/03 Bush Tetras @ Union Pool
05/04 Local Weatherman, Mila DeGray @ ALPHAVILLE
05/04 Ace Bandage @ Scorpion Records
05/04 Blood Orchid, Orkis, Cosas Cosas, Primitive Heart @ The Brooklyn Monarch
05/04 French Horn Rebellion, Revenge Wife @ The Sultan Room
05/05 Meredith Monk @ Pioneer Works
05/05 Harsh Symmetry, Yama Uba @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/05 Hatiras, Acid Mama, Branqueeno @ SILO Brooklyn
05/05 Oceans in the Sky, Hello Halo, Reliant Tom @ The Meadows
05/05 Yara Bey @ The Sultan Room
05/06 Kierst, Mei Semones, Lena Bartels, Jane Lai @ ALPHAVILLE
05/06 Mount Eerie @ Pioneer Works
05/07 Art Ensemble Chicago @ Pioneer Works
05/07 SQÜRL (ft. Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan), Bria @ Rainbow Room
05/07 Rose Stoller, J. Mordechai, Cole Blu, Miles Hewitt @ Trans-Pecos
05/08 D.R.M. Collective, Dust3y, Marvin Carter @ Mercury Lounge
05/08 Ryan Luce @ Mercury Lounge
05/09 Nova Twins @ Elsewhere
05/10 Life in Vacuum @ The Broadway
05/11 Prostitution, Slob Drop, Witch Slap, Street Trash @ Purgatory
05/11 Supertaste, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue @ The Sultan Room
05/11 Toso Toso, Mobley Lola Irizarry, Maya Keren @ Trans-Pecos
05/12 Leon Vynehall, Klauss @ Good Room
05/12 Ben UFO, EMA @ Public Records
05/12 Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/12 Winona Forever, Cooking Class @ The Sultan Room
05/12 DJ Julia Cumming @ The Sultan Room
05/12 Sunstorey, Knyves Escobar, Jinjur @ Trans-Pecos
05/12 Cellular Chaos, Child Abuse, Bleeders @ TV EYE
05/13 Lil Tony, Jex Opolis @ Public Records
05/13 All Under Heaven, Doused, Bedridden @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/13 Blue Ranger, Brody Price, Lily Seabird @ The Sultan Room
05/13 Nuxx Vomica, Sordid, Special Guest @ Trans-Pecos
05/14 Vientre @ Bar Freda
05/14 Deadbeat girl, Matilda Marigolds, Walter The Producer, Sace6 @ Elsewhere
05/14 Sentient Horror, Sickbay, Coronary Thrombrosis, Festergore, Death Island @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/16 The Narcotix, Tipa Tipo, Lip Talk @ Elsewhere
05/17 Juicer, Jackie West, Paul Spring @ Sundown
05/18 Bent Knee @ Elsewhere
05/18 Ace Bandage @ Scorpion Records
05/19 Homeschool, Libby Larkin @ Baby's All Right
05/19 Mourning A Blkstar, Fatboi Sharif @ Public Records
05/19 Gozu, Bone Church, Geezer @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/19 Elliot Skinner, June McDoom, Canteen Killa, Goodfight @ Trans-Pecos
05/20 Iron and Wine, Hiss Golden Messenger, Langhorne Slim, KAMAUU, Pom Pom Squad @ House of Yes
05/20 Hairpin @ Mercury Lounge
05/23 Spirit of the Bear @ The Sultan Room
05/23 Jess Williamson @ Union Pool
05/24 Jess Williamson @ Union Pool
05/25 Couvo @ Hart Bar
05/25 Anna Shoemaker @ Nublu
05/26 Todd Edwards, Houseplants, Ella Hu$le, Purp @ SILO Brooklyn
05/26 Divine Sweater, Moxie @ The Broadway
05/27 Pan Arcadia, Fo Daniels @ Baby's All Right
05/27 Insurreal, Svn.Seeker, Breath of the Moor, Ice Giant, Dead City Crown, IATT, The Hudson Horror, Aeternam @ The Meadows
06/01 Billy Woods, Kenny Segal @ Baby's All Right
06/02 Ms. Lisa Fischer @ Sony Hall
06/04 Indigo Girls, Larkin Poe @ Central Park SummerStage
06/04 Heavy Lag, Weird Skin, Sekunderna, RadaR @ Trans-Pecos
06/05 Hadji Gaviota @ Elsewhere
06/06 Tanlines @ Elsewhere
06/10 Blac Rabbit @ Elsewhere
06/14 Maurice Brown @ Elsewhere
06/14 The Shining Hours, Mayqueen, Sara Devoe, Sacred Heart @ Our Wicked Lady
06/16 Ludicra, Sonja @ Saint Vitus Bar
06/16 Califone @ Union Pool
06/17 Stuck @ ALPHAVILLE
06/23 Leel, Sporting, Brokeland @ Berlin
06/23 Ghost Funk Orchestra, Rudy de Anda @ Public Records
06/28 Oscar Jerome @ Baby's All Right
06/29 Midnight Breakfast, Small, Zero Point Energy @ Berlin
06/30 BCee, Ben Soundscape, Collette Warren @ The Meadows
06/30 Living in Fear, Turn Cold @ TV EYE
07/06 Nicholas Allbrook @ Baby's All Right
07/07 Bettye LaVette @ City Winery
07/12 Elvis Costello & the Imposters, Nick Lowe, Los Straightjackets @ Beacon Theatre
07/15 The Frights @ Brooklyn Made
07/18 Father @ Elsewhere
07/19 Son Volt @ City Winery
07/20 Son Volt @ City Winery
07/20 Red Fang @ Gramercy Theatre
07/20 Defeated Sanity, Stabbing @ Saint Vitus Bar
07/22 Bouncing Souls, Bayside, 7 Seconds, Screaming Females, Mercy Union @ Stone Pony
07/22 Bug Hunter, The Narcissist Cookbook @ The Kingsland
07/25 Kid Koala, Lealani @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
07/28 Social Distortion, The Bellrays @ The Paramount
07/30 Social Distortion, The Bellrays @ Starland Ballroom
08/04 Ali Wong @ Beacon Theatre
08/04 Home Front, Crown Court, Violent Way, Lvger @ The Meadows
08/05 Ali Wong @ Beacon Theatre
08/05 lineup tba @ Forest Hills Stadium
08/06 Ali Wong @ Beacon Theatre
08/11 Maisie Peters, Grace Enger @ Radio City Music Hall
08/11 Tim Heidecker @ Starland Ballroom
08/18 The War on Drugs @ Stone Pony
08/20 Pixies, Modest Mouse, Cat Power @ Stone Pony
08/21 Pixies, Modest Mouse, Cat Power @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
08/22 Pixies, Modest Mouse, Cat Power @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
08/24 Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol, Rival Sons @ PNC Bank Arts Center
08/30 Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol, Rival Sons @ Jones Beach
09/01 Suicide Machines, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Homeless Gospel Choir @ Gramercy Theatre
09/13 Run The Jewels @ Terminal 5
09/14 Run The Jewels @ Terminal 5
09/15 Run The Jewels @ Terminal 5
09/15 Owl City, Augustana @ Webster Hall
09/16 Run The Jewels @ Terminal 5
09/22 French Police, Closed Tear, Lesser Care @ Saint Vitus Bar
09/24 Lankum @ Bowery Ballroom
09/29 Sylvan Esso, Goth Babe, Charlotte Adigery, Bolis Pupul @ Forest Hills Stadium
09/30 Jungle @ Forest Hills Stadium
10/08 Nick Cave @ Beacon Theatre
10/12 Aunty Donna @ Gramercy Theatre
10/13 Generationals @ Racket
10/17 The Beths @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/18 Charlie Cunningham @ Bowery Ballroom
10/18 The Chats, Cosmic Psychosis, Schizophonics, Gymshorts @ Knockdown Center
10/18 The Beths @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/19 The Beths @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/19 The Chats, Cosmic Psychosis, Schizophonics, Gymshorts @ Starland Ballroom
10/27 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult @ Starland Ballroom
11/04 AJ Croce @ Town Hall
11/12 Peter Murphy, Adrian Belew, Scrote, Royston Langdon, Eric Schermerhorn, Ron Dziubla, Matt McJunkins, Jeff Friedl @ NYCB Theatre at Westbury









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