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Headless Horseman are wonderfully wacked-out.

February 25, 2011
Headless Horseman is a Brooklyn duo comprised of Connor O'Neill and Fareed Sajan (so HorseMEN, really). This wonderfully wacked-out band takes its name from one of The Microphones' songs. So if you like that band as much as they do, maybe you'll like Headless Horseman as much as they like The Microphones. Is that what you call a "circular" argument?

Sajan has been quoted as saying "headless" is also a reference to the type of music the band likes to recreate... "headless" as in "not overanalyzing" the process of the music's creation. Kinda like Kerouac's rapid-fire approach with his scroll, perhaps. The headless results are extremely eclectic pop (probably a more PC term than "wacked out") that crosses over into all sorts of genres.

Maybe this is kind of like lo-fi folk with some druggy drone-y rhythmic undertones and glockenspiel-y pop reverb overtones. Huh? Headless Horseman also likes to bang on a lot of percussive stuff that aren't drums. It's all varied, weird and pretty; which is very different than being pretty weird.

Headless Horseman's first ever show was opening for Avey Tare of this band, Animal Collective. Never heard of 'em, but people tell me they're a really cool band. So if you like AC, maybe you'll like Headless Horseman. I like pickles.

Headless Horseman plays Empty Bottle, on Sunday, March 6th.


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