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We're on to you Sweet Bulbs.

February 13, 2011
NYC's Sweet Bulbs are one of those lo-fi bands that like to cover up their exceptionally strong melodies in the name of genre. They do what they can to conceal their super catchiness by using all the standard lo-fi tricks: distortion, fuzz, general messiness.

But if your choruses are going to be this sticky, and you're going to have these kind of crazy solid songwriting skills, the pop is going to shine through... despite your attempts at deception. Sorry, guys.

Fronted by Inna Mkrtycheva, Sweet Bulbs features members of Michael Jordan (best band name ever, and I'm not kidding), The Crayons, and Le Rug. Sweet Bulbs are a very fine new group with very well-crafted pop songs. Don't let the fuzz and distortion and messiness fool you. I'm onto your skillz, Sweet Bulbs. I'm onto your skillz.

Sweet Bulbs play Bruar Falls, on Saturday, February 19th.


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