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Sebestian Blanck's lush pop.

December 6, 2010
You're going to like Sebastian Blanck's songs. It doesn't matter where your musical tastes lie; goth, punk, rap, country, alt-country-rap-goth... it doesn't matter. You're going to like this.

Sebastian Blanck writes super pretty and warm pop acoustic-ish songs that make you feel both sad and happy. Now tell me, who doesn't like listening to songs like that? It's just good old folk. You will especially like this if you like stuff like Band of Horses, Grand Archives, The Shins, etc. But, as mentioned, if you like any band in the world, you'll like this guy.

Interesting note about Sebastian Blanck: he was in Black Dice way early on. Now that's a band NOT everyone will love. Another interesting note: Sebastian Blank is an accomplished professional painter. You can check out his nice visuals on his website.

As of this writing, Sebastian Blanck is on tour with the similarly lovely Perfume Genius. That's going to be a damn good happy-sad pop pairing. (If you write and say you don't like Sebastian Blanck's songs after listening to them, I won't believe... just saying that now.)

Sebastian Blanck plays Mercury Lounge, on Tuesday, December 14th.


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