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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in NYC

Action Bronson & Earl Sweatshirt, Widowspeak, Buke & Gase, cumgirl8, Sean Nicholas Savage, Suuns, Pictureplane and more!

January 6, 2022


Action Bronson and Earl Sweatshirt have added a second February show at Terminal 5. Now you know.

Lovely indie rockers Widowspeak are playing Baby's All Right this spring. This plum show shall be money. You heard it here fourth.

Rising raucous punks cumgirl8 are playing Saint Vitus Bar with Blu Anxxiety in February. To witness their furious glory, get there early.

Artist Jeffrey Lewis wraps up his rescheduled Our Wicked Lady residency this month with the similarly strong songwriter Joanna Sternberg supporting.

Brooklyn duo Buke and Gase are set to play their first NYC show in 3+ years at Public Records in Gowanus. You had me at tricked-out baritone ukulele.

Stellar indie label Bayonet Records is hosting a showcase for some up-and-coming bands on their roster at Purgatory later this month. Catch the future.

Solid Canadian outsider-songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage has a date at Baby's All Right in March. Don't miss it.

It's CBGB night at The Broadway in February with Razor Braids (as Blondie), TVOD (as Talking Heads/Television), 95 Bulls (as Joan Jett), Shadow Monster (as Patti Smith) and more covered punk goodness.

For a weirdo good time, go see solid Portland indie rockers Strange Ranger at Mercury Lounge in February.

Zwei Null Zwei is a good new band featuring members of good old bands Girls Against Boys, The Make-Up, Nation of Ulysses, Edsel etc. See them at Littlefield later this month. RIYL: Kraftwerk/Can


Suuns, Meredith Monk, Pictureplane, Lydia Lunch Retrovirus, P.E., Activity, S.C.A.B, Chris Farren, Teenage Halloween, R.A.P. Ferreira, No Ice, My Son the Doctor, Colatura, Consumables, Sad Park, UV-TV, Gospel, Stay Inside and more!




01/07 Rest Ashore, Elephant Jake, ADULTS., Hugo Speedboat @ Trans-Pecos

01/08 Masego (DJ set), Devin Morrison (DJ set), Niara Sterling, Kittysayword @ Baby's All Right

01/08 The Carry Nation @ Good Room

01/09 Bela Fleck @ Carnegie Hall

01/10 Lexa Gates, Smooth McDuck, Nostranders @ Mercury Lounge

01/11 Brion Starr, Savoia, Girl Skin, DJ Tasmin @ Nublu 151

01/12 For Your Health, Stay Inside, Dreamwell @ Saint Vitus Bar

01/12 Deathrayz, Soo Intoit, Sp3cial K, DJ Thank You @ Trans-Pecos

01/12 Navy Gangs, Big Kiss, Status Set, Pyrex @ Union Pool

01/13 Never, Cheeky, Jaye Bartell @ East Berlin

01/13 TV Moms, PowerPose, Killdeer @ Our Wicked Lady

01/13 Begat The Nephilim, Sickbay, Tombstoner @ Saint Vitus Bar

01/13 The Silk War, Big Girl, Yeah Baby @ The Sultan Room

01/13 Choked Up, Spite Fuxxx, Frida Kill @ TV EYE

01/14 Juan Atkins @ Good Room

01/14 Only Sibling, Nonfiction, Superbloom, Sonic Blume, Tony G @ Trans-Pecos

01/15 EMA, Ayesha, Amelia Holt @ Public Records

01/15 Vonne, Yanju, Shamiqua @ The Broadway

01/15 After Hours, Celeste @ The Sultan Room

01/16 Darker Than Wax @ Good Room

01/16 Dogs On Shady Lane, Tula Vera, Power, Powerviolets, On Pink @ Pianos

01/16 Gospel, Terminal Bliss, Herjaza @ Saint Vitus Bar

01/16 Stallion Dunquis, Aaron Roche, Quasim Naqvi, Van Chamberlain @ The Sultan Room

01/16 Ryan Sawyer, Meshell Ndegeocello, James Brandon Lewis, Marc Edwards, Zoh Amba, Mike Bernstein @ Union Pool

01/18 Ashley Strongarm, Nevada Nevada, Matt Duncan @ Mercury Lounge

01/18 No Ice, Benchmarker, Warn The Duke @ The Bowery Electric

01/19 Pons, Threesome, Consumables @ Baby's All Right

01/20 Ceddyjay, Corin Gabriella, SweeterBlend, Timbo G. @ The Sultan Room

01/20 P.E., Beat Detectives, A. Savage (DJ Set) @ Union Pool

01/20 Ceterus, Posterboy2000, Sunk Heaven, Punchlove @ Wonderville

01/21 George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Q-Tip, Nona Hendryx @ New Jersey Performing Arts Center

01/21 Reverend Mother, Rat Motel, Hairbag @ Our Wicked Lady

01/21 Dee Diggs, Baronhawk Poitier @ Public Records

01/21 Beechwood, Exbats, Michael Pitt (DJ) @ TV EYE

01/22 DJ'J, Anthony Naples, CZ Wang, Will DiMaggio @ Public Records

01/22 Baby Shakes, Exbats, Groovy Movies @ TV EYE

01/23 Sub*t, Earth Dad, Natural Born Kissers @ Baby's All Right

01/23 Tredici Bacci, Cosmo, Rocket Sci @ Nublu 151

01/24 VibeWorldOrder, DIE the Monk, Amir Akram, Chic Fads @ Mercury Lounge

01/24 Parcels (signing) @ Rough Trade NYC

01/25 Aux Blood, Docents, Libby Quinn @ Mercury Lounge

01/25 Shiverboard, Trophy Hunt, radxbent @ Saint Vitus Bar

01/27 Safer, Super City, Colatura @ Mercury Lounge

01/27 Razor-N-Tape, Underground System @ Public Records

01/28 7th Grade Girl Fight, Castle Black, Dirt Bikes, Cryo Child @ Bar Freda

01/28 Matthew Dear, Yibing @ Good Room

01/28 Strawberry Launch, Di Ivories, Edna, Emergencies @ Our Wicked Lady

01/28 Ash Lauryn, Stefan Ringer @ Public Records

01/29 My Son The Doctor, Onesie @ Berlin

01/29 Zwei Null Zwei, Tuff Sunshine, Won @ Littlefield

01/29 Mike Servito @ Public Records

01/29 Lionlimb, Carlos Truly, kelz, Kibi James @ Purgatory

01/30 Christian Kuria, Amaria @ Baby's All Right

01/30 Matar Fuma, Nathan Dies, Malandrix @ Mercury Lounge

01/30 Jeffrey Lewis, Joanna Sternberg, Katy Pinke @ Our Wicked Lady

02/01 Ellajay, Jordan Popky @ Mercury Lounge

02/01 underscores, Umru, Elena Fortune, Tiam, Lydo, Petal Supply, Swan Meat @ Rash

02/01 Blu Anxxiety, MZ Neon, cumgirl8 @ Saint Vitus Bar

02/03 Ike Reilly @ Union Pool

02/05 Activity, S.C.A.B., Lip Critic @ TV EYE

02/09 Wyatt Pike, Caroline Sky @ Mercury Lounge

02/10 Drew Holcombe, Ellie Holcombe @ The Opera House

02/11 Anthony Naples, DJ Python @ Good Room

02/11 Telescreens @ Mercury Lounge

02/12 Lesley Flanigan, Christopher Tignor, Tristan Perich @ National Sawdust

02/12 Buke and Gase, Rahrah Gabor @ Public Records

02/12 Razor Braids (as Blondie), TVOD (as Talking Heads / Televsion), 95 Bulls (as Joan Jett), Nick Cage (as Dead Boys), Jess X (as Ramones), Shadow Monster (as Patti Smith) @ The Broadway

02/13 Blak Emoji @ Mercury Lounge

02/13 UV-TV, Sensual World, 95 Bulls @ The Broadway

02/14 GosT, True Body @ Saint Vitus Bar

02/15 Lydia Lunch Retrovirus @ DROM

02/17 Action Bronson, Earl Sweatshirt, The Alchemist, Boldy James @ Terminal 5

02/18 MYD @ Baby's All Right

02/18 Blonde Otter @ Mercury Lounge

02/19 Down to Mars, Samsara @ Mercury Lounge

02/19 Hundreds of AU, My Fictions, Northern Life, Endless @ Trans-Pecos

02/20 Rob Cantrell @ Littlefield

02/20 Sitcom, Strange Ranger, Blaketheman1000 @ Mercury Lounge

02/20 Skourge, Illusion, Day By Day, Deflect, The People's Temple @ TV EYE

02/21 Sad Park @ The Broadway

02/24 Secret Vacation, Monster Furniture, Johnny Dolphins @ The Broadway

02/25 Kamaal Williams @ (le) poisson rouge

02/25 Bend, Gooseberry @ Mercury Lounge

02/26 Pictureplane, Vitesse X, Equip, Auragraph, George Clanton (host) @ Baby's All Right

02/27 Razor Braids, Night Talks, Dahl Haus @ Mercury Lounge

02/27 Meredith Monk, John Hollenbeck @ National Sawdust

03/03 Jeremy Dutcher @ National Sawdust

03/04 Brian Fallon and The Howling Weather, Worriers, Hurry @ Count Basie Theatre

03/04 Smerz @ National Sawdust

03/04 Me Rex @ Union Pool

03/06 Felly @ Bowery Ballroom

03/06 Suuns @ Brooklyn Made

03/06 Lich King, Stonecutters, Toxic Ruin @ Saint Vitus Bar

03/10 The Fight, Hustler, Violent Way @ Saint Vitus Bar

03/11 The Psychedelic Furs @ The Wellmont Theater

03/12 Mapache @ Brooklyn Made

03/12 Paul Cherry, Dougie Poole, Sedona @ Market Hotel

03/12 The Tossers, Crazy and The Brains @ The Kingsland

03/14 Joesf @ Baby's All Right

03/14 Sean Nicholas Savage @ Baby's All Right

03/18 Drugs, Scary Kids Scaring Kids @ The Brooklyn Monarch

03/18 Alex Zhang Hungtai, Callahan & Witscher, Stubborn, Torn Hawk (MC) @ Union Pool

03/19 Chris Farren, Teenage Halloween @ Elsewhere

03/20 Sam Weber, The Ladles @ The Sultan Room

03/22 Luna Li @ Baby's All Right

03/22 GAYLE @ Mercury Lounge

03/22 Alice Cooper, Buckcherry @ New Jersey Performing Arts Center

03/25 The Allman Brothers Band, Trouble No More @ Beacon Theatre

03/25 Like Moths to Flames, Polaris, Alpha Wolf, Invent, Animate @ Gramercy Theatre

03/25 Miranda Cuckson, Rand Steiger @ National Sawdust

03/29 Jill Sobule @ Joe's Pub

04/02 German Lopez @ National Sawdust

04/02 Modern Color, Only Sibling, Webbed Wing @ The Broadway

04/05 Brit Floyd @ Beacon Theatre

04/07 Widowspeak @ Baby's All Right

04/08 Stephane Wrembel @ National Sawdust

04/08 Sol Follow @ Public Records

04/12 R.A.P. Ferreira, Sha Ray, Pink Navel, Fatboi Sharif @ Elsewhere

04/14 Tesla Quartet @ National Sawdust

04/16 Sad & Boujee @ Mercury Lounge

04/21 Old 97's @ Crossroads

04/23 CCL, Kiernan Laveaux @ Public Records

04/23 Eagles @ UBS Arena

04/28 Nia Imani Franklin @ National Sawdust

05/01 Christian Death @ Saint Vitus Bar

05/06 Darius Jones and International Contemporary Ensemble @ National Sawdust

05/06 Jantsen, DMVU, Space Wizard, Jon Casey, SuperAve. @ Webster Hall

05/07 Darius Jones and International Contemporary Ensemble @ National Sawdust

05/18 Mary Halvorson, Mivos Quartet @ National Sawdust

05/20 Variant 6 @ National Sawdust

05/21 The Body @ Saint Vitus Bar

06/18 Alex Peh @ National Sawdust

11/05 Eskimo Callboy, Attack Attack! @ The Brooklyn Monarch


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