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Future Star Alert: Computer Magic

November 15, 2010
Computer Magic is the superbly addictive electro-synth-pop project of Danz (guess she only has one name... like The Fonz... well, minus his whole "Arthur" and "Fonzarelli" thing).

I don't know much about Danz, except that she lives in Brooklyn and makes all of this music herself. I know that live she has two other guys helping her realize this beat-driven, swirling, synth-y sound.

I know that she kind of sounds like Blondie. I know you probably shouldn't compare someone to Blondie just because they are a blonde woman who sings nice jams over electro beats. I know, but I do it anyway.

I know with catchy melodies like these, Danz is probably going to be an indie rock star someday. And I know going to see Computer Magic will most definitely be worth your $8 or $10 or $15 or however much the kids pay at shows these days.

Check out this new Computer Magic jam!

Computer Magic play Pianos, on Wednesday, November 24th


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