A heart exposed: Her Space Holiday plays true emo - Oh My Rockness

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A heart exposed: Her Space Holiday plays true emo

September 22, 2004
San Francisco's Mark Bianchi, a.k.a. Her Space Holiday, somberly sings his unlocked diary to the world from behind the melancholic lens of his black horn-rimmed glasses. His wounded, insecure heart on his tattered sleeve, Bianchi carves tragic tales of heartache, loss and betrayal. He's figuratively, if not literally, singing from the bedroom.

Singer/songwriters have crooned vulnerably since the beginning of music, but what make Her Space Holiday unique are the sounds used to convey the loneliness of the message. Bianchi incorporates the lushness of brit pop, the fuzzy loops and beats of electronica, and the hooks of sugar pop to accompany his lyrically rich narratives.

So while the message of Her Space Holiday may be bleak, the sound most definitely is not. The music is ultimately uplifting. Perhaps it's not that the joy of his music contradicts the somberness of his words, but rather the two elements work in conjunction to give Bianchi's much-explored themes new depth and poignancy.


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