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Fang Island brings the bro rock to Public Assembly.

June 21, 2010
Northside Fest is here. And that means a chance to see lots of good bands. It's the CMJ of the summer! But of all the bands, we can't wait to catch Fang Island again when they play Public Assembly (with MillionYoung,Dinosaur Feathers and more!). It'll be bigtime, dudes. Bigtime.

It's the best feeling in the world to listen to a new band and have no qualms about declaring them the best band you've ever listened to. Sure, usually this feeling loaded with heartfelt hyperbole fades away in time. But when you're in the middle of feeling it, man, there's nothing better!

We've been obsessed with Fang Island lately. This Brooklyn band has got some straight up big time emotional JAMS! Think of them as triumphant bro rock that will make you happy to be living on this planet and compel you to be kind to strangers. Fang Island is metal rock riffs meets electro synths meets a little bit of video game blips meets power-pop harmonies. And it rules!

If you want, start by listening to their song "Davey Crockett." Let it build and let it take you over. Now that's what I talk about when I talk about emo. Then listen to the song that comes next, "Welcome Wagon." I find it literally impossible not to rock out to this song (which can be a problem for your neighbors on a plane when you play it over and over on that long flight down to SXSW --- someone offered to buy me a Jack Daniels just to calm me down --- but we were just high on life).

Fang Island. As of this writing, they are my favorite new best band of all time EVER!!!! Ask me what I think in a few weeks and that might change. But today is today, and today Fang Island is BEST BAND OF ALL TIME.


Fang Island plays Public Assembly, on Thursday, June 24th.


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