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The Wave Pictures a FREE show at Beauty Bar.

March 15, 2010
The Wave Pictures, led by singer/guitarist David Tattersall, remind me a lot of Jens Lekman. Not necessarily because Tattersall's voice sounds a whole lot like Lekman, but because he (and his two fellow East Londoners) and that Swede both seem intent on channeling the charming with their preciously clever pop songs. (Tattersall has received Morrissey comparisons too, but comparisons to Morrissey don't really mean anything anymore.)

With love song titles like "We Dress Up Like Snowmen" and "Now You Are Pregnant" and deeply romantic love lyrics like "I'll Buy You Bras Instead Of Pickled Eggs," often accompanied by a pleasant horn section and sometimes a nice piano ditty, you sort of need to be in a gentle mood to "rock out" to The Wave Pictures, just like you need to be in the gentle mood to listen to Jens singing about his own tender adventures.

Maybe you can classify this band as falling in the burgeoning (not really) post-twee movement. "Twee" because it's fairly whimsical, and "post" because The Wave Pictures have no use for a glockenspiel.

The Wave Pictures play FOR FREE at Beauty Bar, on Wednesday, March 24th.


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