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My Favourite Things: this band, the Candlestick and H. Lecter.

February 22, 2010
The summer of '91 I rocked two shirts: (1) a neon Michael Jordan beckoning me to come fly with him, (2) a cartoon Eddie Vedder hanging off the J in Pearl Jam while cartoon Jeff Ament and cartoon Stone Gossard and cartoon that other guy bemusedly looked on in their flannel. Ah, those were the days.

Brooklyn's My Favourite Things has a pretty pop song called "Summer of '91" that pleasantly drifts me back to those awkwardly wonderful salad days. I'm not that familiar with this band other than what I've heard on the world wide web (hint: you don't need to put the http and the colon before most website URLs anymore!) but I definitely like the overall pleasantness I've heard.

My Favourite Things is the project of singer/songwriter Dorothea Tachler (live, her crew is rounded out to five). It's a nice mix of sweet pop with pretty harmonies, subtly distorted shoegaze swirls, and a little bit of that folk thing (I think I hear a ukulele and some shakers somewhere in here). Can you totally RAGE and ROCK OUT to this music? Probably not. But can you generally have a good day if this were your accompaniment? Absolutely.

One final thought about the summer of '91; that's the summer I saw both Silence of the Lambs and Beauty and the Beast... I've never had a peaceful night's sleep since.

My Favourite Things play Cake Shop, on Sunday, February 28th.


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