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20 Good Shows To See in NYC This Week

Spoiler: it's a pretty good week.

September 18, 2017

Written by Patrick McNamara

20 Good Shows To See in NYC This Week!

September 18 - September 24 / 2017 A.D.

*shows listed in order of appearance, not order of goodness, they are all good, they were all my shows

1. Paul McCartney at Barclays Center on Tuesday, September 19th / Thursday, September 22.

While you decide if you want to go see, arguably, the greatest living rock musician, please read this interview I did with my dad asking him about seeing The Beatles live in concert 50 years ago.


2. The War on Drugs at Terminal 5 on Tuesday, September 19th / Central Park on Thursday, September 21st.

Just say no -- to NOT going to this show.

"No, I won't not go see The War on Drugs!"

D.A.R.E. you not to go to this show!

3. Weeping Icon at Secret Project Robot on Wednesday, September 20th.

Weeping Icon is a noise punk band from Brooklyn. This is their record release show!

If you like good loud bands you should get into them.

If you don't like good loud bands, I do believe you're reading the wrong music blob.

4. The Tallest Man on Earth at Pioneer Works on Wednesday, September 21st / Thursday, September 22nd.

Image result for tallest man with family

5. Liars at Warsaw on Thursday, September 21st.

To be honest, this band still rules.


Here's an old Liars performance from 2000 A.D. for you to love at your earliest convenience.

6. Mac DeMarco at Radio City Music Hall on Friday, September 22nd.

Watch Mac DeMarco Juggle Cigarettes And Eat Popcorn While Playing New Songs For Puppets And Children In A Tiny Rowboat

7. Jackal Onasis at The Gateway on Friday, September 22nd.

Give this good band a blast and you will be rewarded with thick fuzz swirls over pretty melodies.

Doesn't that sound good?

Spoiler: it is!

RIYL: Heavy Grungy Shoegaze-y Goodness

8. Cap'n Jazz at Brooklyn Steel on Saturday, September 23rd.

Hey, Ma. There goes that band.

Fire is motion

Work is repetition

This is my document

We are all all we've done

We are all all we've done

We are all all defenses

Please love this video I took at Cap'n Jazz first reunion show in Chicago seven years ago. I flew from NYC to see them play three songs. Now that's what I call EMO.

9. Love Theme at The Park Church Co-op on Saturday, September 23rd.

Love Theme is an experimental three-piece from Montreal, LA, London and Taipei respectively (technology can be amazing).

You may know one of its members, Alex Zhang Hungtai, from his work in Dirty Beaches (and a recent episode of "Twin Peaks").

Using two saxophones, synthesizers, percussion, drum machines and vocals the band creates a melancholy mood that taps into the divine.

This slow brooding ambient goodness will crawl under your skin and linger there awhile.

The patient listener will love it.

10. Interpol at Bowery Ballroom on Friday, September 22nd / Forest Hills Stadium on Saturday, September 23rd.

Hard to believe Turn on the Bright Lights came out 15 years ago. Seems like only yesterday I left my urge in the icebox.

See Interpol play that stone classic in full at Bowery Ballroom* and/or Forest Hills Stadium for a bunch of appreciative peeps because New York cares.

15 years. Damn.

*good luck getting tickets to the Bowery show although where there's a will there's a pay

**on a related note, if you haven't read Lizzy Goodman's excellent book Meet Meet In The Bathroom you need to get on that.

*** If Interpol was still stuck in their tour bus by the side of the road in that Buffalo snowstorm they'd be stuck there 1035 days by now.

Rounding Out The Top 20!

The Killers at Terminal 5

Jay Som at Bowery Ballroom

Pixies at The Capitol Theatre

Gang Gang Dance at Baby's All Right

Xiu Xiu at Villain

Brian Wilson at Radio City Music Hall

Cayetana at Baby's All Right

Matt Pond PA at White Eagle Hall

Land of Talk at Baby's All Right

DJ Premier at Brooklyn Bowl



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