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20 Good Shows To See in NYC This Week

Make a solid plan.

June 16, 2017

Written by Patrick McNamara

Good news.

I think I've finally figured out how to get this U2 album off my phone.

Just a few more turns and I should be there.

But first....

Let's talk about some shows we should see.

20 Good Shows To See in NYC This Week

June 19 - June 25 / 2017 A.D.

1. LCD Soundsystem at Brooklyn Steel a bunch of times this week.

All these LCD shows sold-out instantly.

If you weren't able to get tickets in time please take heart that the band will be scheduling more “final shows ever" forever. 😂

You can also still get expensive tickets here if you wish to refinance something.

UPDATE: LCD Soundsystem just announced 10 more shows at Brooklyn Steel in December what is happening

2. Dams of the West at Baby's All Right on Monday, June 19th.

Chris Tomson from Vampire Weekend's (other) band!

You should go to this show. I feel it in my bones, I feel it in my bo-ohhhh-nnnnes.*

*this is a good Vampire Weekend lyric reference

**Vampire Weekend is not playing this show

***Dams of the West is

****not Chris Baio -- Chris Tomson

3. Battles play House of Vans on Tuesday, June 20th.

This free show (w/ RSVP) sells itself.


*but in case you need more selling because you can't immediately accept a dope show when you see it, Protomartyr is also playing this thing……...FOR FREE

RIYL: Don Caballero / Storm & Stress / Hurl / Dianogah / wait, maybe these are just old bands I like

4. Chastity Belt at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tuesday, June 20th.

These Hardly Art punks are the best band to come out of Walla Walla, Washington since Johnny & the Moondogs.*

Chastity Belt rules. So does their new album. Go see them play songs from it. I guarantee goodness. So help me blob.

*I don't know who Johnny & the Moondogs are, I just searched "bands from Walla Walla, Washington" and there they were

5. Olivia Neutron-John at Silent Barn on Wednesday, June 21st.

Dope dark melodic mayhem -- beats & keys made possible by D.C.'s Anna Nasty.

Blast Olivia Neutron-John below before you buy.


(P.S. anyone want to be in my band Proton Travolta?)

6. Yeasayer / Polica / Cymbals Eat Guitars at Prospect Park on Thursday, June 22nd.

This is one of the biggest free shows of the finest season and the #3 (and climbing) most popular upcoming show on the entire blob.

3 very good bands playing this thing. One chill price. Nothing!

Did you know there are like 168* more free shows to choose from this summer?

*approximately -- I can't be sitting around counting free summer shows all day -- 2 busy blobbing

7. The Menzingers on the Liberty Belle on Thursday, June 22nd.

The Menzingers on a boat?

The Menzingers on a boat!

Go to this show if u like boats and u don't want to be an asshole anymore.

8. Lightning Bolt at Pioneer Works on Friday, June 23rd.

Their first NYC show in like two years.

If you've never seen Lightning Bolt live you might as well have never been to a rock 'n' roll show in your entire life.

One of the best noise punk bands to EVER play the floor.

Their first NYC show in like two years. I cannot wait.

9. Evan Dando at Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, June 24th.

What is your favorite song by The Lemonheads?*

The jam below is mine, probably.

*contrary to belief the lyrics to the chorus do not go like this “Poop in my pants! Poop in my pants. Poop in my pants! Poop in my pants."

*Lemonheads not playing this show - Evan Dando of The Lemonheads is

10. Julie Byrne at The Park Church Co-Op on Saturday, June 24th.

Folk at its finest.

Below is my favorite Julie Byrne song from an album full of favorites.

So good.

Rounding Out The Top Twenty:

Cloud Cult at Music Hall of Williamsburg

John Early at The Bell House

KRS-One at Coffee Park (free)

Jason Isbell / The Mountain Goats at Beacon Theatre

Palm at Baby's All Right

Digable Planets at Coffey Park (free)

Dude York at Old American Can Factory

Free Throw at Knitting Factory

EZTV at Union Pool

Sammus at Babycastles



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