The Narrator play 169 Bar - Oh My Rockness

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The Narrator play 169 Bar

September 08, 2005
Infectious Chicagoans The Narrator play manic, Dischord-inspired post-rock punk that sounds like Trail of Dead meets Unwound meets Detachment Kit meets a LOT of Les Savy Fav.

This band mixes chaotic machine-gun outbursts with introspective arrangements, often abruptly and in mid-song, to create a stop-start whiplash of tracks that could best be described as "tumultuous anthems." Nothing in The Narrator's repertoire is particularly original, but what is? They take the best elements of those old mid-90's Chicago bands (think angular) and inject it with their own brand of attacking fury. And they play really loud. They will help get CMJ off and running with a bang.

The Narrator, Make Believe, Euphone, The End of the World, Sybaris, Ume, and Cajun Gems, play 169 Bar, Wednesday, September 14th.


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