The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Grizzly Bear, The Joy Formidable, Porches, Iggy Pop, Japanese Breakfast, Melvins, Frameworks, The Church, Pictureplane, Parquet Courts, The Mountain Goats, Nothing and more NYC weekend concert goodness! - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Grizzly Bear, The Joy Formidable, Porches, Iggy Pop, Japanese Breakfast, Melvins, Frameworks, The Church, Pictureplane, Parquet Courts, The Mountain Goats, Nothing and more NYC weekend concert goodness!

April 14, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

Thank you for once again taking time out of your busy procrastination schedule to hang out and talk about some good shows happening this weekend.

This feature will be worth your wasted time.

So help me blob.

Thursday - April 14, 2016 A.D.

Here's some nice news. We're proudly presenting The Joy Formidable show tonight at Irving Plaza. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh snap. They're a good band. You probably know this already but either way come hang out!

Japanese Breakfast (aka Michelle Zauner from Little Big League) plays Silent Barn and this one comes highly recommended by this blob (especially if you like super catchy lo-fi bliss pop and if you don't like super catchy lo-fi bliss pop you're a monster and that's fine but perhaps you'd be more comfortable going to see Ghost or somebody this week instead).

Melvins and Napalm Death and Melt Banana play Music Hall of Williamsburg (and Friday at Webster Hall) and it should be a lovely little affair full of quiet and serene sounds. JUST KIDDING HERE COME THE BOOOOOOOMS BRING EARPLUGS AND NOBODY GETS HURT.

Other notable Thursday shows = Iggy Pop at The Capitol Theatre + Ween at Terminal 5 + Magic Man at Webster Hall + Corrosion of Conformity at Saint Vitus


Friday - April 15, 2016 A.D.

Post ____ hardcore ____ emo band Frameworks open for O'Brother at Rough Trade tonight and this Florida crew is REAL good. Listen to their new two song EP. It's SICK. Hold on. I'll post it for you. OK it should be ready for you to stream directly below these words now. Your so welcome. Don't mention it. Just turn it up before you play, please.

Australian "college rock" vets The Church play Music Hall of Williamsburg and below is my favorite song of theirs (probably) and if you play it (you totally should) make sure to wait for the jingle jangle to kick in you'll know it when it does.

Post ___ swirl ____gaze ____ rockers Dead Stars play The Gateway. They're good. I now command you to enjoy their brand new good album now or at your earliest convenience, depending on how much shit you have to get done today.

Other notable Friday shows = Alex G / Porches at Bowery Ballroom + Napalm Death at Webster Hall + Sannhet at Saint Vitus + Surf Rock is Dead at Baby's All Right + Free Cake For Every Creature at Silent Barn + Ghost at The Paramount + Geographer at The Wonder Bar


Saturday - April 16, 2016 A.D.

Happy Record Store Day. I really hope you're the one who gets the one copy of that one thing and then puts it up on eBay.

Rough Trade has a solid Record Store Day show all day today with Nothing and WALL and a bunch of other bands and it's free. Save your money for records and/or rent.

Pictureplane plays Baby's All Right and it should be a big time blow out. I'll be premiering a few new dance moves so get ready to be mesmerized by my sick "Man Staring at His Phone" routine.

Citizen + Turnover + Sorority Noise + Milk Teeth represent a super dope post ____ emo _____ punk ____lineup tonight at Bowery Ballroom (this same show goes down Monday at Market Hotel but goddamn it can't we just get through this week first). Come at the beginning and stay until the end. You can't go wrong just chilling at this one. Please now enjoy listening to two of my very favorite songs from 2015 A.D.

Good news. Parquet Courts and Soda play tonight at BSP. Bad news. That's in Kingston, NY (2 hours and 21 minutes away from NYC in current traffic). Good news. Maybe you live in Kingston, NY. Bad news. I've never been there. I've never been anywhere. I want to see the world and live, goddamn it. Also, here's a new Parquet Courts song for you to love whenever you're ready to embrace its goodness.

Other notable Saturday shows = Ween at Terminal 5 + PC Worship at Silent Barn + DJ Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs at Output + Geographer at Highline Ballroom


Sunday - April 17, 2016 A.D.

Grizzly Bear plays the big time Bernie Sanders Rally in Prospect Park (music starts at 3PM) that I mentioned previously (scroll up to Wednesday) and this one has Danny DeVito.

Speaking of Feeling the Burn, do you have a hot ten dollars in your pocket currently in danger of scalding your leg? Good news! There's a solid (albeit smaller) Bernie Sanders Fundraiser tonight at Rough Trade led by Washer and bunch of other peeps. VOTE _____ THIS NOVEMBER.

The Mountain Goats play City Winery tonight and they've been a good band a tick short of forever. If you're smart you'll at least consider going to this one. Dummies can think about coming too. Also, this is probably my favorite Mountain Goats song. Thanks for listening.

And finally for this week, Patti Smith talks opera (or something) at National Sawdust and I'll gladly listen to whatever she has to say because she's Patti Smith.*

*By the way I know I'm like 5 years late to the game on this but I finally read her book "Just Kids' and it's one of the best rock memoirs I've ever read and I've read a bunch of them. End stop.

Other notable Sunday shows = Izzy True at Silent Barn + Dreamcrusher at Palisades


OK. That's it. We're done.

A pretty good week for shows, right?


Hope this feature helped lead you toward the light.


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