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Lights On likes keys.

August 10, 2009
Christy Zaragoza
This is pop you won't want to stop. Lights On is a snappy new band from San Diego that plays peppy synth rock that sort of sounds like Peter Bjorn and John (in the style of "Young Folks") meets Joy Division (in the style of "Love Will Tear Us Apart").

It appears that everyone in this band has an extra hand on some keys when they play (in addition to guitars and bass and drums, of course). So when you've got four people pounding those plugged-in ivory buttons, you know the sound coming out is going to swell.

Maybe you can call Lights On post-new wave, perhaps in the vein of New Order, but don't really think of this band as all that dance-y. Really, it's just music that will put an extra bounce in your step. If you like pop with a nod to twenty-something years ago, Lights On may be the new band for you.

Lights On play The Annex, on Thursday, August 13th, at Union hall, on Saturday, August 15th, and Bruar Falls, on Sunday, August 16th.


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