The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Yo La Tengo + Television + Lower Dens + Viet Cong + Sun Kil Moon + Lucero + Mac DeMarco + Mew + Teen Daze + A Place To Bury Strangers + Teen Daze + lots more goodness! - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Yo La Tengo + Television + Lower Dens + Viet Cong + Sun Kil Moon + Lucero + Mac DeMarco + Mew + Teen Daze + A Place To Bury Strangers + Teen Daze + lots more goodness!

October 08, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

It's a good weekend for good shows in New York City. Should we talk about it some? Just let me know if you wanna.

Well, since I haven't heard from any of you I'm gonna go ahead and take that as a sign that you're really interested in talking about the good shows this weekend. Fantastic.

Let's do it.

Thursday - October 8, 2015 A.D.

Summer is over but they still have free House of Vans shows sometimes. One of those times is tonight and Television + Lower Dens + whatever Viet Cong is going to change their name to play. Kind of a strange lineup but isn't life, dear Rockness reader? Isn't.... life?

Can u still feel the butterflies????

Alex G plays Baby's All Right. This dude is going to be famous someday soon. I mean, not real famous. I'm talking like Kurt Vile famous. He'll sell-out a bigger shows, for sure, but it's not like he's gonna go to a restaurant and get mobbed or anything, pretty sure he'll be able to eat his fries in peace. He plays Baby's All Right tonight. Also playing: Ronald Paris (Porches) and Forth Wanderers. Be sure to click Forth Wanderers name because I just wrote a really good band profile on them because they're a really good band.

Good old Lucero plays Emmanuel Lewis Hall tonight. Here's a good old song that reminds me of those forgotten days, man.

Other notable shows = The War on Drugs at Radio City + Luna at Bowery Ballroom + The Roots at Central Park Summerstage + FABLE at Knockdown Center + David Dondero at The Grand Victory + MS MR at Terminal 5


Friday - October 9, 2015 A.D.

Sun Kil Moon plays Town Hall. I really like Mark Kozelek's music and I also really hope I never ever meet the guy.

A Place to Bury Strangers plays Saint Vitus (and tomorrow too). To call this band loud would be to call this band loud.

England's The Zombies has been a band (File Under: Good) for fifty-four years. You may know The Zombies from such hits as "She's Not There" and "Time of the Season" and that one episode of The Wonder Years when Kevin has a realization about growing up. You can see these popster legends at Society for Ethical Culture if you wanna. Why wouldn't you wanna?

Teen Daze and Heavenly Beat and Mister Lies play Baby's All Right. If this is the right good show for you, press 1.

You have selected Teen Daze and Heavenly Beat and Mister Lives. Rrrrrrrrrated R.

Other notable shows = Luna at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Alex G at Silent Barn + Javelin at Palisades + FABLE at Knockdown Center + Ed Schrader's Music Beat at Alphaville + Lilys at Baby's All Right + Saintseneca at Mercury Lounge


Saturday - October 10, 2015 A.D.

Yo La Tengo (I got it!) has been a good band for approximately forever. They play acoustic at Kings Theatre (a place with heavy curtains and golden tassels). Nick Lowe opens. Not Nick Cave. Not Elvis Costello. Nick Lowe.

Mac DeMarco (and Delicate Steve) plays The Capitol Theatre (and tomorrow at Bearsville Theater).

"Watch Mac DeMarco eat popcorn and play Jenga while juggling six packs of cigarettes and holding a puppy in a tiny rowboat."

Denmark aliens Mew and California's The Dodos (real band, not imaginary birds) play Emmanuel Lewis Hall tonight but if you've got other plans for the evening and don't care about The Dodos (they're good but I'm not going pass judgement should you feel otherwise) you can go see Mew (and only Mew) earlier today at Rough Trade in a "purchase the album to get a free ticket" type job. Cool? We good? Terrific.

This is The Aquabats Super Show!

Other notable shows = A Place To Bury Strangers (and Sannhet) at Saint Vitus + Slothrust at Shea Stadium + Dillinger Four at Music Hall of Williamsburg + FABLE at Knockdown Center + Eleanor Friedberger at BAM Cafe + Computer Magic at Baby's All Right


Sunday - October 11, 2015 A.D.

I'll just tell you the names of some of the bands playing tonight and you can decide what do with them.

Mac Demarco Blitzen Trapper Bambara Dillinger Four Coheed & Cambria

Now play this excellent Lilys album before going to see them play at Baby's All Right tonight.

Good luck! Stare at your phone like a champion out there!

Watch Mac DeMarco share a plate of poutine with Betty White in a tiny rowboat.


You're still here?

But it's over.

Go home.

(waves hand)



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