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The Brown Book came out of nowhere to rock us out.

July 20, 2009
The Brown Book are an explosive instrumental band out of Brooklyn (and Massachusetts, too) that used to be called Banana Hands. I'd never heard of either Banana Hands or The Brown Book until a short time ago. And man, did I miss the boat on these dudes. These guys took me by complete surprise.

After listening to a few of The Brown Book's songs, each one better than the song before, the adjectives just started spewing out of me: hard! loud! dirty! relentless! angry! sludgy! tight! Then two verbs came out like a full-on four man blitz: rock! roll! I'll let the band handle the nouns.

They list Big Black, Iron Maiden, The Fucking Champs and Unwound as some of their influences. But really, they should be compared to Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Obama and Queen Latifa. Because this band RULES. I highly suggest you go see them. Getting your ear drums destroyed will never feel so satisfyingly painful.

The Brown Book play Lit, on Saturday, July 25th.


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