The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Governors Ball w/ Tame Impala + Hot Chip + St. Vincent + Sharon Van Etten + Future Islands + Lana Del Rey + The Black Keys + My Morning Jacket + White Lung + Ratatat + The Decemberists + DIIV + LOTS - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Governors Ball w/ Tame Impala + Hot Chip + St. Vincent + Sharon Van Etten + Future Islands + Lana Del Rey + The Black Keys + My Morning Jacket + White Lung + Ratatat + The Decemberists + DIIV + LOTS

June 04, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Well, it's summer now. And that means lots of good shows (touring season!) and endless marketing copy about summer shows and shit.

Speaking of that, before we get into this week's goodness, might I be so bold as to suggest you check out The Rockness (that's us) Guide to Free Summer Shows? We have roughly 175 good free shows listed there now (give or take - I counted them really quickly).

And you perhaps might also be interested in perusing The Rockness (us again) Guide to Outdoor Concerts because how can one be expected to stay inside on beautiful days and nights like this?

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't also mention our Summer Getaways Guide because sometimes good shows are worth traveling for (but not too far let's not get carried away) and we've got good shows listed for Long Island, New Jersey, and whatever is directly north of NYC.

OK. I'm really glad all that summer marketing bullshit is done. Now on to this week's good shows!

Welcome to Costco. I luv U.

Thursday - June 4th, 2015 A.D.

The first thing you need to know is that the Governors Ball Music Fest starts tonight. Well, certain shows associated with the festival, that is - the After Dark and After Parties and What Have You and What Not and So Forth and Such As. The actual three day festival blowout on Randall's Island is Friday/Saturday/Sunday. The second thing you need to know is let's move on to other shows now.

Supremely talented artist/composer/sound deconstructor (and former Battles man) Tyondai Braxton plays songs off his new album "HIVE1" (his first release in six years) at The Kitchen (and Friday + Saturday too) and it just might blow your mind. There will be visuals, man.

Speaking of legendary, see seemingly forever-running British post punk band Wire at Bowery Ballroom and please note that post punk no longer means anything. The following is my favorite Wire song. Please vehemently disagree with me, Wire enthusiasts, in the comment section our site has thankfully never had.

Hutch and Kathy of The Thermals play Mercury Lounge and I'm so in love with Hutch and Kathy in the purely platonic/appreciator of their art sense SO DON'T FREAK OUT.*

*where you at with that line, Thermals fans - where you at

Solid fuzzy swirl gaze Brooklyn band Dead Stars play Alphaville (and several more times this week - if you read each word of this article as precious like I trust you do you'll find out when/where). Here's a good Dead Stars song and a good Alphaville song (who aren't playing anywhere). Do you really want to live forever, dear Rockness reader? Do you?

Other notable shows = Ride at Terminal 5 + Refused at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Chromeo at Apollo Theater + Benjamin Booker at Irving Plaza + The Hood Internet at Baby's All Right + Weird Womb at Hank's Saloon + Noxious Foxes at Palisades + Grizzlor at The Acheron


Friday - June 5th, 2015 A.D.

The Governors Ball (proper) starts today on Randall's Island (through Sunday). I could tell you today's lineup but it would be more fun for all involved if you just clicked this link to see all twenty bands playing. Have fun out there. Stay hydrated. And by the way, everybody knows what you're really doing in that port-o-potty.

Melodic Vancouver punks White Lung play Knitting Factory (late - it's a Governors Ball After Dark thing) and White Lung are a very good band. I just thought you should know.

The free three day Color Me Bushwick Fest starts today on Wyckoff Ave in, you guessed it, Bushwick. Check out the full festival lineup here but please allow me to tease you with the following names: Sunflower Bean + Such Hounds + Acid Dad + a special guest or two. Oh, I'm such a tease.

Other notable shows = Atmosphere at Irving Plaza + Marina and the Diamonds at Webster Hall + DJ Chromeo at Output + The Hood Internet at Bowery Ballroom + Dead Stars at Cake Shop + BC Camplight at Rough Trade + Tyondai Braxton at The Kitchen + DJ SBTRKT at Verboten


Saturday - June 6th, 2015 A.D.

It's Governor's Ball Day #2. Again, I could tell you all the 20 (or so - I counted super quickly) bands playing today but just click this link to see. It's better for the both of us. Today might be the best day, though.

Philly's Nothing and Tampa's Merchandise are two good loud swirling melodic punk bands and they play two shows together tonight: an early show at Palisades and a late one at Baby's All Right. Maybe I'll go to both. You can't stop me.


Conor Oberst plays Music Hall of Williamsburg and that's all I got for this one. Feel free to add more descriptive text to this entry for your fan fiction book.

United Nations (File Under: good) and Frameworks (RIYL: good) lead a solid punk lineup at Webster Hall (Marlin Room). Well, I suppose Modern Life is War really leads this thing considering they're headlining but I'm not entirely familiar with their musical work. Tell me not my faults, dear Rockness reader, for I already know them.

Other notable shows = Bushwick Collective Block Party + DJ Hot Chip at Output + deadmau5 at Verboten + Obliterations at The Studio at Webster Hall + Hector's Pets at The Grand Victory + Dead Stars at Riis Park Beach Bazaar + Meshell Ndegeocello at Central Park Summerstage + Wild Yaks at Alphaville


Sunday - June 7th, 2015 A.D.

It's Governor's Ball Day #3. I like Day #2 better. But you're opinion is equally valid. You just don't get to blob about it on this space. Here's the full lineup and Lana Del Rey never meant a thing to me.

The Flaming Lips play a free show at The Surf Lodge. Please note: The Surf Lodge is in Montauk. Please also note: I have never been to Montauk. I'm sure it's lovely and I'd fit right in.

For more free summer shows check out our Free Summer Shows List and for more shows that are far - but not too far - check out our Summer Getaways Guide. But I already pimped this in the intro.

Speaking of free, middle (high?) school metal band Unlocking the Truth play a free show in Red Hook Park and for your sake I hope the food carts are out. Tacos + shreds = just delicious.

Other notable shows = Calexico at Bowery Ballroom + Color Me Bushwick Fest + Crocodiles at Mercury Lounge + Soda Bomb at Riis Park Beach Bazaar


That's it. See you on the flip side. Otherwise known as next week. Have a good summer. Stay funny.


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